Windows Update Freezes

  jorf 15:09 11 Sep 2003

When trying to get windows updates the first page loads fine then when checking system it stops responding and freezes. Any ideas how I can solve this problem.

  alcudia 08:31 12 Sep 2003

Are you getting any sort of message, or does it just freeze. If there is a message can you state exactly what it says.

Also what kind of connection do you have. On dial up it can take about 15 minutes to check your system, and what browser and version are you using. MS do not seem to like any other than IE accessing their site.

  jorf 09:48 12 Sep 2003

There is no message it just locks and when I look after ctrl/alt/delete it tells me it is not responding.
I am using ME and IE 6 with dial up connection.
Thank you for trying to help

  alcudia 10:44 12 Sep 2003

Early on in the process of Update checking your PC are you asked by microsoft if you wish to download and install a small program to manage the updates. If you havn't got this I can see that it will fail.

  jorf 18:44 12 Sep 2003

Yes I agreed to the update program download but then it locked. I have tried several times again but the option to download that program has never been offered again. I do not know how to start again without doing a system restore which would mean loosing quite a lot of changes.

  rev.bem 19:45 12 Sep 2003
  jorf 00:26 13 Sep 2003


Thank you for solving my problem

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