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Windows update disk

  anniesboy68 16:21 09 Mar 2010

Do Microsoft supply a windows update disk,which they will post to you perhaps at a charge? AB68

  Pineman100 17:42 09 Mar 2010

anniesboy68 - can we clarify what update disk you mean?

Are you planning to upgrade from one version of Windows to a newer one (ie: Windows 7)?

If so, you can buy a Windows 7 upgrade disk from most software suppliers.

Or do you mean a disk to reinstall the version of Windows that you're already running?

If so, then provided the original installation was a genuine one, you could borrow anyone's disk that carries the same version of Windows and do your reinstallation from that. Make sure you use your own product key, which should be on a sticker on your computer casing.

  Batch 17:57 09 Mar 2010

They used to many years ago. But not now. It is assumed that people have access to broadband and so even large updates can be readily downloaded and installed.

  GaT7 18:10 09 Mar 2010

You can download updates via the MS Catalog site click here. Of course you must know what updates you need by KB numbers in order to search for & download the correct ones.

I usually download & slip-stream most of them into the OS prior to installing using nLite click here (vLite is a similar tool for Vista click here). And yet another similar tool is RVM Integrator click here. Haven't seen anything similar for Win7 so far. G

  anniesboy68 20:55 09 Mar 2010

Ok, all. I'm probably going to do a factory re-set and was hoping to quicken things up a little. So no is the answer. Thanks anyway, AB86

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