Windows Update Critical Update not responding

  Edith 13:26 03 Sep 2003

Is anyone else having a problem getting through to Windows support. I downloaded a patch for Windows Media Player 7.1 on Monday and since then have not been able to access the critical updates site or more accurately Microsoft informs me there is an error. I am unable to contact them by email as when I click on support it advises the page is unavailable. I am using AOL if that is of any help. Can anyone tell me if they are having problems?

  Edith 20:51 03 Sep 2003

feb - thank you for your respnse and I have also now seen the message on AOL help about a communications problem betwen AOL and MSN. As for my other problem with ie6 I regret I am no further forward. Even trying to delete the files does not work as when I reboot they re-appear! When I have the time I am going to reload ME and see if that does the trick but I am also being advised that ME is not a good OS and I should upgrade to XP.

  Edith 20:53 03 Sep 2003

Socalled - Yes that is exactly it. I get a message that the page cannot be displayed.

  Edith 15:05 04 Sep 2003

wawadave - thank you for the link which I have printed off. Wow what a lot of information. It will take me a while get my mind round all of it but once again thanks.

  Edith 15:10 04 Sep 2003

Socalled and OneSirKnight - thank you for your comments. I am a bit nervous of mucking around with what you might call the internal software but along with the link provided by wawadave I might well have ago. Once again thank you for your time and advice.

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