Windows Update corrupted my PC

  flobby 11:19 20 Aug 2018

Hi All, On Thursday whhile I was out Windows kindly updated my computer to 1830 (i Think that is the number) Well it has absolutely knackered my system, I cannot install or uninstall anything and when I open word itrys to install it, but it is installed. There are several other things it has done aswell.I have tried everthing that is on the internet But no Luck. I have bit the bullet and tried to reinstall windows from my recovery USB. Now the question is How? I have tried restarting and pressing every F button and delete and Tab, but cannot get the BIOS page. Cheers Flobby

  Secret-Squirrel 12:19 20 Aug 2018

I have tried restarting .............

The only method that's effective with Windows 10 is to choose Restart from the power menu. Did you try that?

I have tried everthing that is on the internet

Did you try the "Go back to the previous version of Windows 10" option found in Settings/Recovery?

  flobby 12:45 20 Aug 2018

Yes I have done that, also when the screen starts it lells me to press delete for the bios page,I have also tried the go back to aswell Cheers

  flobby 12:49 20 Aug 2018

I have tried resetting from the computer but it will not work.If I cant reset it from my recovery USB I will have to buy a new windows 10 OS or I could try a recovery CD from Ebay. I cannot now do an ISO image on dvd because of the problems. Cheers

  Secret-Squirrel 13:00 20 Aug 2018

Is yours an older desktop computer with a USB keyboard? If it is then some computers don't recognise the USB keyboard until Windows has loaded the drivers. The solution for that is to attach a PS/2 keyboard - the one with a round plug and little pins.

  KEITH 1955 13:07 20 Aug 2018

you say you think it was a windows up date that did the damage , did you know that you can uninstall a suspect update , go to update page and look at top left of screen..... before windows gets change to give you the update again run ccleaner to get rid of any of the left overs , use the main cleaner and the reg cleaner section.

as you were not at home when the update was done it could have got corrupted during download or install without you knowing.

  flobby 14:23 20 Aug 2018

I have already tried that but again it is not working, One of my other problems is insyalling and uninstalling programmes. I had CCleaner but now I havn't and can download it but not install it, I have Bing desktop to change my wallpaper each day, that is not working and I cannot uninstall and reinstall it. I Do have a USB keyboard and mouse and do not have a PS/2 one. Cheers

  Secret-Squirrel 17:46 20 Aug 2018

I Do have a USB keyboard and mouse and do not have a PS/2 one.

Ask your friends and neighbours to see if you can borrow one.

Don't buy one because I can't guarantee that it'll get you into the BIOS by pressing the Del key so it may turn out to be a waste of money.

  KEITH 1955 18:11 20 Aug 2018

if you cant get a ps2 keyboard from a pal you can get a plug socket that has female usb for the keyboard and male ps2 to fit your tower ….. hope you got a ps2 socket on pc.

see the link you need the 4th item down marked 2 pack.

click here know pc world sell them but could not find it on their site , the link is for amazon and they always send things quicker than time quoted.


  KEITH 1955 18:27 20 Aug 2018

you should see a list of sound devices in sound settings and a tab for how they are connected to pc

  flobby 20:46 20 Aug 2018

Cheers MJS Warlord. I have ordered it on Amazon Prime, I will have it on Wednesday,(not next day as they did adverise). Thank you all flobby

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