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  besuk 09:18 25 Feb 2003

Dear all,
I thought I'd started a new thread as a continuation of my previous one of yesterday.
Well, I went home last night and tried all the different solution kindly suggested by lozzy, leo49, JoeC, spikeychris, powerless and New Zealander ... but to no avail !!!
I have followed the instruction given on the site suggested by spikeychris, but I haven't found any "notepad" key in my registry.
I have also tried what suggested in the Symantec site for the backdoor.asylum trojan, but again I have found out that they didn't strictly apply to my case.
I have tried deleting form my registry anything related to winupd.exe (something that I had already tried before writing here yesterday), then I have re-started my computer in Safe mode and cancelled winupd.exe (yes, in Safe mode it let me cancel it), but as soon as I re-started the PC, the bastard was still there !
It looked more and more like a chess game !
To be honest, I am quite disappointed with Symantec not aving anything about this trojan.
Or is it a trojan ? I have just read the new suggestion from bvw in bristol: I must say that I had a look in the Add/Remove programs in the first place, but I didn't look in the Windows section. I'll try that tonight. It would be laughable if it wasn't a trojan but just a Windows update application !
Anyway, I am also thinking about writing to Symantec about it, just to trigger their imagination a bit.
By the way, for the time being I have decided to keep my PC disconnected from the telephone line: better safe than sorry !
A great thank you to everyone who wrote. If you can think of anything else, please let me know: I will keep watching this space.

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