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  User-E577C2B7-30BA-4DC0-8BABC76A252E9E06 17:36 18 Oct 2004

Hi everyone. When i visit Microsofts web-site and scan for updates my coputer just sits there forever with 0% updates found??

Is there a fault with my computer??

It is the same when i do a computer check with AOL 9 software, just sits there with no results or information??

Thanks Ian.......

  Gaz 25 17:42 18 Oct 2004

Ensure is in your trusted list, and you have allowed the active x control.

If you run Norton Privacy control, disable it.

Also, clear temp files.

Finally, go to tools > internet options > connections > LAN settings... > Automaticaly detect settings (UNTICK)

If that fails, try reinstalling Javascript engine: click here

If that don't work... then I'm afriad you will need to reinstall or repair IE.


Hi Gaz, you are talking to a novice here!! Can you (if you have time) tell me how to do this please??

No probs if it takes too long, will have a look around,

Thanks Ian..

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