Windows update Advanced Micro Devices?

  JIM 23:32 15 Feb 2004

Advanced Micro Devices processor software update released on August 29 2001.-----Driver updates.
AMD K7 Processor

Can anyone shed some light on why this above Windows Update Driver(Non Critical)---would be listed for my system as of now, for the very First time?

System 18 months old,made no changes of internal hardware. Puzzled i am.

  Indigo 1 23:50 15 Feb 2004

You could try click here download it and run if they say an update is necessary then it is, if not then it's entirely your choice.

  JIM 23:57 15 Feb 2004

Many thanks, for the quick reply.

My system is an Evesham and installed with Bigfix,but of yet no notification of such to date.Will check out your link to see if any information can be gained.

  Indigo 1 00:04 16 Feb 2004

When you close BigFix it leaves an icon in the system tray to show that it is running in the background and keeping an eye on things, it continously scans it's homesite for necessary upgrades for your configuration according to which programs you use, if it sees anything relevant it will inform you. If not you don't need any updates and the choice to update is optional.

  JIM 00:38 16 Feb 2004

Agree completley(bigfix)and has been running. Windows scans in a simlar way when you log on for 18 months.

Whats Puzzling,is that the driver that is listed from Windows update to download is 12 Months Older than my system when purchased.
Dont not make sense to me, why have a so called newest software upgrade from a release in August 29th 2001 on a 2002 Augst system at this time recomended?

  Indigo 1 08:34 16 Feb 2004

G to the AMD site click here and run a quick search or contact them for details. *I don't think it's important if BigFix isn't bringing it up*. It is possible that your original driver got corrupted in some way and is trying to get itself patched but I'm sure you would have noticed more symptoms. Or it is also possible that it's a BIOS update, download and run Sisoft Sandra from click here look for Sisoftware 2004, It can tell you a lot about your system and the dates of your BIOS etc. If you really are interested and would like to know more, but a warning there's a lot to be said for the old phrase "If it aint broke it don't NEED fixing".

  JIM 11:29 16 Feb 2004

You got my old grey matter thinking again with your last posting when you said!

"It is possible that your original driver got corrupted in some way and is trying to get itself patched."

After checking out your AMD link i went into Winxp device manager and checked out the processor diver.Though no conflicts or signs of any problems with processor or anything else on my system etc did click on the update driver out of curiosity.Woe and behold XP updated its self with driver already on system?(not downloaded etc.)Confirmed when going back to Windows updates site to check.

The reason for processor needing to,as you say (poss trying to get itself patched)may be the $64000 question answered though i'am not aware off any changes to system by myself.

But will let sleeping dogs (as the saying goes) Many thanks for your responce and advice which led to a "Resolved" puzzled Jim. :)


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