Windows Update "Administrator Only"

  chugby 16:49 29 Feb 2004

Running windows ME. Recent problem occured, which is unable to access MS windows update, which states "Administrator Only - To install windows update you must be logged on as an administrator.." Have found a MS Support article relating to this problem in Windows XP only (article Q316524), have looked at resolutions but doesnt appear to help for Windows ME. Can anyone advise solution to enable access to Windows Update in Windows Me, assume registry problem.
Many thanks

  spikeychris 16:55 29 Feb 2004

1 Control panel, double click
Add/Remove Programs.

2 Uninstall Windows Millenium Edition Q823559 Update.

3 Go to Windows update and try to install it again.

4 Should work and seems a common problem with ME.

  spikeychris 19:40 29 Feb 2004

Reply via email >>>

"thanks for email, have deleted Q823559 as detailed. Restarted computer. Windows Update still coming up with "Administrators Only error", tried to update patch directly from article support number but still goes back to Windows Update web page with same error. Any more help/advise appreciated. Thanks Barry"

Barry post all response here so that all can benefit from any solution.

That said >>

Temporarily disable your anti-virus and any script blocking
component of it before accessing Windows Update. Follow the steps for
Win ME on this page :

click here

The location of the iuctl.dll and iuengine.dll is the WINDOWS\System
folder, not the WINDOWS\System32 folder.

If the above does not resolve the issue type or copy & paste this into the
Internet Explorer Address bar : %windir%\windows update.log
Click Go or press Enter. If prompted for a program to open the .log with
choose Notepad. Scroll down towards the bottom for the latest entries
and locate any error code associated with your last failed attempt to
access Windows Update. Now go here :
click here
and search for the error code. Start under Problem reaching Windows
Update, but do not limit your search to there. Try the suggested

In addition to temporarily disabling your anti-virus program, temp
disable pop-up stoppers, download managers, internet "speed" enhancers,
or any 3rd party Internet related software on your system that may
interfere .

  ONEOFTHE3LIONS 01:51 02 Mar 2004


I've been looking into this problem for about 6 months, thought i'd messed up my system and was resigned to no updates and forever fighting worms on my sql blahh blahh just cos i kept getting same error report.

I followed these instructions,( apart from emptying my offline files as i hadnt visited for a while) and tried visiting the site again

so far so good! im in and its searching for the software updates, so further than i have been for aggggges.... fingers crossed that it will let me install them if when i choose some next huh? :-)

ok, i'll keep u posted shortly

  ONEOFTHE3LIONS 02:02 02 Mar 2004

Being the eternal pessimist lately, mainly due to the crap weather of only 20 degrees c here in spain right now (ha) i tried just a teeeny teeeny patch update, one that took a minute rather than an hr or so for internet explorer 6 which is the biggy i need right now....

erm.... it worked! woo hooooooo

Aarrrghh, life seems so sweet again, what with forest winning too this week, wow!

ok , thanks mate, need a backlink or anything let me know lol

started this cos i know loaddddds o peoplek getting same probs so i'll post where i see.. everyone trying to delete registry settings n everything to obtain the admin password.. sighhhh

  chugby 19:47 02 Mar 2004

tried suggestions on MS article 319585 and Windows update back online...well relieved,
cheers Spikey..
Note 1of3Lions to update to IE6, have had problems myself trying this in the past (seems everyone with Windows me has) not checked this site yet though..
Let's hope Forest keep up the wins!

  chugby 20:31 05 Mar 2004

above solution also resolved ie6 update
problem. thanks

  spikeychris 21:05 05 Mar 2004

Glad your both sorted.

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