Windows Update 9th July

  Vlad 11:35 09 Jul 2008

After installing today's package of items from Windows automatic update I was unable to access the internet - I am running XP Service Pack 3 and I have BT Broadband via their Homehub using an ethernet cable. I have had to use system restore to recover broadband access. Does anyone have any idea what might have caused this issue please? I am loath to install the updates again in case I cannot recover the situation.

  rdave13 11:49 09 Jul 2008

Have a look at this thread; click here

  kalignorgna 11:49 09 Jul 2008

"After installing today's package of items from Windows automatic update I was unable to access the internet"

right first disable automatic update u dont need it any way second if your sure that your pc is free of bugs and nastiys create a restore point

now if you use the link to the microsoft update page and when it comes up click custom unclick IE7 (crap anyway) and the update labeled june or july update (scans you pc but can cause proplems) and install the rest and see if it still works

  Vlad 17:16 09 Jul 2008

Thanks folks for your reponses. I had to go out so sorry for the delay. I have actually spoken to Microsoft about this and its a conflict with ZoneAlarm. Solution is uninstall ZoneAlarm, apply the updates and reload ZoneAlarm. Thanks for your thoughts though.

  Carafaraday 17:19 09 Jul 2008

Did you try this? Did you actually uninstall ZA or just turn it off? I have the same problem and would welcome your advice. I downloaded KB951748 but removed it when I couldn't get online at all. Would be happy to try again but want to get it right this time.

  cocteau48 17:31 09 Jul 2008

I have tried uninstalling Zonealarm / installing KB951748 /reinstalling Zonealarm .... for me at any rate it makes no difference ... still no internet connection until you uninstall the update again.

  Carafaraday 17:35 09 Jul 2008

Thanks, cocteau48. I'll leave well alone for now.

  Vlad 17:39 09 Jul 2008

Uh. Hi folks. I posted above under "Thanks" after speaking to Microsoft and before trying out the fix they so confidently advised. Silly me!! Still no joy so I'll hold off with the update until ZoneAlarm sort out the problem. Sorry.

  Newuser2 18:17 09 Jul 2008

I found all the settings in ZA had been screwed up.
I reset them as before and all is OK.

  Halmer 18:29 09 Jul 2008


  zarobian 18:46 09 Jul 2008

I just installed Microsoft update KB890830 and KB951748. I am on line now. No problem here.
My OS is WindowsXP Pro SP2 and using Avast anti virus and antispyware free edition.Also Advance Windows care V2.
Could be the problem is with Zone Alarm or SP3.
As per pcadvisor Microsoft is now pushing SP3 through automatic update. Let us wait and see.


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