Windows Update

  Taw 20:05 30 May 2003

As a nove I have winxp home on automatic update. But several times after loading them my computer freezes regularly, resulting in me having to go a restore point.
2 questions are they necessary? (ADSL but not on all the time with xp own firewall)
If they are, what do you with the ones giving probs?

  Terrahawk 20:15 30 May 2003

you can remove updates in the add remove programs in cotrol panel as to which one if any is causing the problem could be a case of trial and error
as for are they necessary you will probably get diffrent opinions critical updates i download on a regular basis recommended updates i dont tend to bother with
hope this is of some help

  OneSirKnight 20:30 30 May 2003

Sometimes there are more than one critical updates,I find it better to install them one at a time with a reboot after each one.Have had no problems with updates using this method,("Famous last words")
good luck.

  Jomi 20:55 30 May 2003

Is known to have a bug which causes slow downs, it's been fixed now but if you got it before the fix you could have problems.
Delete it if you have it, you can always download it again later if there's no improvement.
On advice from others on this website I also removed 330994 and 813489

  Andsome 20:55 30 May 2003

I suggest that you configure your computer so that you get a warning only about updates. Right click on the warning globe and untick the listed updates, and close the box. Then go to Windows Updates and do as suggested by OneSirKnight. I had problems at first using Auto Update, but like OneSirKnight, all is well by downloading one at a time. I install ALL critical updates, but only those that I know will be of use from the suggested updates list.

  Taw 00:42 31 May 2003

Ill give your suggestions a go and if prob persists ill re-post
Ta to all

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