Windows Update

  Airman5877 15:48 25 Apr 2011

I have an update problem. Using Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Office 2010. Updates have come down and installed except for two: The first is Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3 (KB955706) and the second is Security Update for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2464594). They have failed to install about 60 times so far. I am not a computer buff so I havnt a clue how to solve this problem. Any simple ideas? If I cant get them to install I would like to get rid of them because the update icon is always showing on the taskbar

  maggotdrowner 17:29 25 Apr 2011

Sometimes works if rather than using windows update you go directly to microsoft, find the update and download and install.

  johndrew 17:32 25 Apr 2011

If you want to prevent them showing go to MS update link text, select 'Custom' and when the updates show select 'Do not show this update again' (I think that is the wording).

  Airman5877 21:50 25 Apr 2011

Maggotdrowner - tried that some time ago but tried again this evening. No change. John Drew - have done what you suggested and will see whether or not it helps. Each time I close down I get the message to click here if you do not want to install these updates. I`m hoping that your remedy will solve that

  Airman5877 09:04 26 Apr 2011

Well unfortunately the Updates ready to be installed icon still appears on the task bar (having closed down overnight and booted up this morning). Back to square one on that one

  johndrew 11:07 26 Apr 2011

Not knowing the past history of your PC and whether you have 'Repaired' or reinstalled the OS, you may find this of help link text.

You could also try going to 'Control Panel/Automatic Updates (update) and uncheck the box. Then reboot and recheck the Automatic Updates box.

Also, to get rid of the 'Ready to Install' icon, try clicking on it and then select 'Cancel'.


Go to link text Click the Double green check mark and click 'Go'. After it has finished, 'Reboot'.

If you want to try a manual install of the updates, download: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 link text Security Update for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (KB2464594) link text

It is worthy of note that both updates have caused a lot of problems on installtion.

  cocteau48 12:28 26 Apr 2011

You have probably done this - but just to double check:

When you do as johndrew suggests and access the update via custom updates - when you expand the update there is a small check box below the expanded update details (do not show this update again)

Have you ticked this box?

This should stop the download showing again.

If you have already downloaded ,but not installed the update,which is why you are still getting the "update ready to install" notification there are instructions here link text on how to remove the download.

Hope this helps.

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