Windows Update

  setanta23 23:40 12 Jan 2004

I have a problem and it has annoyed me for the past couple of weeks

on each occasion i try to log into windows update i receive the following message

RTSP/1.0 400 Bad Request Server: QTSS-Akamai/4.1 (Build/412.16; Platform/Linux) Cseq: Connection: Close

Should i be worried and more importantly how can i ensure that my updates are allowed again


  gold 47 23:42 12 Jan 2004

Have you uninstalled Linux??

  hugh-265156 23:44 12 Jan 2004

windows update...linux????

does this happen when you click here

  setanta23 23:57 12 Jan 2004

I have not installed linux at any time so uninstalling is not an option

which is why i asked the question should i be worried

  setanta23 23:59 12 Jan 2004

when i click on the link u posted i get the following message

Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

Select from any of the following pages for information about Windows Update services, or send us your feedback.

Windows Update Home Page
About Windows Update
Support Information

and when i subsequently try to go to windows update home page i get the same message

  gold 47 00:07 13 Jan 2004

Puzzled by this one because you are looking at some sort of Linux platform have you downloaded anythink in the last two weeks.

  setanta23 00:38 13 Jan 2004

Not that i know off but i have 3 kids who use this machine and whilst i ask and plead that they download nothing without checking with me i cannot be sure

i am worried that i may have picked up a nasty - being paranoid does not mean they are not out to get u.

and as a rule i keep my windows up todate on a twice weekly basis if not more

the only thing new i have installed is an update on YTunnel Pro but that in itself can have had no effect on windows as it is only used when i am using yahoo messenger

  hugh-265156 00:42 13 Jan 2004

are you using windows xp or me?

if you know when all was working well try asystem restore to that date.

  gold 47 00:57 13 Jan 2004

Do a search for Linux and see what comes up delete
temporary files in explorer thats if system restore doesn't work,right click your hard drive
and open programs and see if you see odd files
that you can't recall,this is a shot in the dark here.

  setanta23 01:04 14 Jan 2004

tried everything and still getting the same error message

i am worried now incase i have a nasty which is stopping me get windows update and am toying with the idea of wiping the system and starting again but am loathe to do so

is there a good on line checker which is free and can be used

i have norton but assume that if i have a nasty then it will have somehow circumvented this

  hugh-265156 02:00 14 Jan 2004

click here for an online scan.

also run adaware and spybot click here click here anything they find on default settings should be safe to remove.any problems they create a back up which can be restored.also try click here

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