Windows is unstable - Please Help

  Mad Boy 20:02 28 Mar 2004

Please read very carefully, theres a few problems listed before.

Just had more problems with my computer and my avast! Antivirus scanner packed in, i lost a whole load of program files, including avast! itself, just had to re-download, now im stuck with my 60 day trial. IE wouldnt load, nor My Computer, i kept getting errors such as "ActiveX could conflict with this environment - would you like to continue without this component running?" press Yes or No and Windows keeps crashing.

Seems i had some malicious virus that had got into my Resident scanner, hiding from the actual avast! program

Now i lost a whole load of programs and other stuff, and now when ever i load windows avast! Antivirus is erroring and crashing the system. I again can no longer access IE, My Control and i cant even access the Control Panel to remove the crap. Ive been in the registry - the only thing that is working to seek the locations and remove them. Also tried removing the class ID and ActiveX references from the registry - succesfull, but with no change. AOL doesnt even work, im replying on someone's computer here.

i just managed to create a toolbar on the Taskbar to allow me to go into the C: shortcut way, found the Uninstall and as suspected some how these virus(es) have over run my scanner, and the way it works has been totally manipulated by this virus crap.

Format seems the wise thing to do right now, because as soon as the system is stable, another problem occurs. I cant seem to figure where i could of gotten infected, i never read emails i dont know who they came from, never download illegal software or anything which is likely to be infected.

I found AVG or something which is a FREE virus scanner, dont know if its a background runner one. As for using Win2K, dont have the money to buy it, nor do i paticularly want to. Id rather run it on a much better reliable computer, in fact im thinking of trashing the whole thing and spending more time in pubs, as opposed to using this some nights.

Only my dad needs this really, and thats for looking at jobs etc

AVG FREE was a waste of time, after taking the time to register the damn thing and download 6Mb in 15Minutes, the program crashed and didnt load anything.

This says it all, Normally when you single click a file in Explorer, it shows the type of file, size, date/time created etc? Well its not anymore.

It should be to the left, im sure you will know where the missing info is

And finally, the Active Desktop - when Explorer freezes etc you get the message shown below in attachment right.

Well when i click the "Restore my active desktop" link i get some crap Explorer window which opens, and doesnt restore my Active Desktop.

Thanks for taking your time and reading the above problems, i hope someone has a way round this. When i try to re-install Avast! i get the error mentioned above again still.


  VoG II 20:13 28 Mar 2004

If it was me - and I very rarely say this - I would start from scratch click here

  jimv7 20:26 28 Mar 2004

Symptoms appear similar to the 'netsky. virus, it knocks out your anti virus, and causes windows to malfuntion.

Take vog's advice, format and do a clean install.

  Mad Boy 20:30 28 Mar 2004

Last time i formatted took a week for me to realise i was loading the modems driver files onto Port1 which was my printer.

I hate formats, only ever done 1. Took my dad 2 years of persuasion to format last time. My pc is 4 years old, i would like to upgrade, or get a totally cheap pc (for like £100 squid or something), this is so old i dont think it supports DDR RAM or anything.

Thanks for the advice, any other ideas - i cant see this being useful for a format, its day are over i think.

Windows 98 SE --- 12GB HDD --- 516Mhz Intel Celeron --- 128.0Mb RAM --- Connexant V90 56K Modem --- The rest is not worth discussing

  VoG II 20:32 28 Mar 2004

Well, if you don't want to reformat (don't blame you) try running Stinger click here

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 20:38 28 Mar 2004

Interesting post , i would agree with vog format
and reinstall think there is to much damage been done already to make and difference, and i wont even say windows is a bad as bob the nob made out.


  woodchip 20:46 28 Mar 2004

I would go even further and Fdisk but if you are wi98 and had a Image of your disc you could be up and running in 5 or 10 mins Virus gone

  Mad Boy 20:51 28 Mar 2004

come to my house - im such a hardware n00b, i cant get the case off (the fans covered in litterally 4" of dirt)....... :embarrased:

I really dont know what to do for the best. A format would be ok, but im risking not getting the pc working again, thus my dad cant do his CV's and job hunting....

I just dont know, besides i hate going through those annoying DOS screens

  woodchip 20:56 28 Mar 2004

If I was you I would print the top link that Vog posted and follow it to the letter

  Mad Boy 21:00 28 Mar 2004

ok thanks, any other links?

A second opinion never hurts, lets see what my dad says, after last times format, i doubt he'l let me

  Madboy 21:15 28 Mar 2004

Looks like a format it is, not yet though - need do some backups over the next few days

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