the-george 21:42 06 Dec 2004

I have just totally renstalled ME and all my applications and want to keep the hd as clean as possible. I have noticed that there are already about 8mb of files and folders in the C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder.
These include things like log files and a few with the TMP ext which I assume are ok to delete. However others are application extensions, DOS batch files,RTP & MTX files,word 2000 setup documents, some application set ups, and some dll's.
I suspect some are left there from when application setup programs are run.
Is it safe to delete them all?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 21:47 06 Dec 2004
  the-george 21:57 06 Dec 2004

Thanks will keep this in mind, However it is not the temporary Internet files folder I am on about . It is the TEMP folder ( in my Windows Explorer it is the one one above the temp internet files)
Am I right in thinking that because it is labelled TEMP that the files in are temporary and can be safely removed?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:01 06 Dec 2004

Please start reading about half way down the page, mentions safe deletion from c:\windows\temp as well. Sorry should have mentioned.

  Dorsai 22:02 06 Dec 2004

As you say, it is a Temp folder. Anything in it after a re-boot should be safe to delete.

If you are unsure, just create a folder and shift the stuff there. call it, say, 'temp 1'. If not missed by any progs after a week you know for sure.

But i just delete it. Never had a problem deleting it myself.

  the-george 22:03 06 Dec 2004

Sorry, did not fully read the whole article. Seems that this answers my questions.
Will leave thread open for now until I give it a try.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 22:12 06 Dec 2004

Also please see here.

click here

This explains how you can schedule regular clean up and maintenance with ME. Then you can clear down unwanted temporary files regularly.

  canard 23:24 06 Dec 2004

Download CCleaner to cleanout win temp files click here

  the-george 14:08 07 Dec 2004

Tried ccleaner but it just froze - was a thread on this started by someone else.

  Sethhaniel 14:49 07 Dec 2004

Leave - anything else - safe to delete

  the-george 15:54 07 Dec 2004

Trying out above suggestions.
1. used maintenance wizard on custom and set it just for cleanup then ran it but did not empty the TEMP folder.

2. Have created a different folder and moved all items except 1 that had todays date ( office clipboard I think) so will run a few things to see if everything is ok.

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