Windows Taskbar Clock/Date update ??

  paul654 13:08 13 Oct 2003

Once or twice now a window has opened on my desktop (when I'm online) claiming to be from Microsoft, offering a free update for the Clock/Date facility on my Taskbar. Has anyone else recieved this ? Is it legit ? or a virus ? How do I stop it appearing if its not legit ? I'm running Norton 2003,Zone alarms and adware,but it still pops up now and again.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:13 13 Oct 2003

It a sort of spam i think just close it and ignore
could try noads from click here quite good and if you get google toolbar as well it stops most ads.

  moore_mat 13:15 13 Oct 2003

In Windows XP (and possibly 2000) there is an option to update automatically anyway, just double click on the time in the bottom-right corner and click on the Internet time tab.

It's VERY unlikely Microsoft would get involved in pushing adverts just for updating time... Is it a messenger windows that pops up and tells you to go to a site? If so, where does it tell you to go?

  Taff36 13:18 13 Oct 2003

Yes but have either of the two site`s been available. I have never been able to synchronise with or time.nist - Anyone else ever tried?

  hoverman 13:25 13 Oct 2003

I used to be able to synchronise with and time.nist but quite some time ago it stopped working bringing up error messages when I tried. Just before I posted this reply I tried again with time.nist and it worked. Strange!

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