Windows Task Manager

  jessej 10:05 13 Jul 2005

I'm having a problem that I can't find the cure for, hope somebody there knows the answer.
Occasionally I have to use the Task Manager to end a programme that is not responding, usually AOL during the signing on process. Click on End Task and it just hangs and doesn't do anything, eventually I have turn the computer off manually by the power button. If I use turn off or restart in the Task Manager drop down menu, after a long wait, 5 or more minutes, I get the Windows is shutting down screen where it just stops and I have to use the power button to turn it off. At the odd times when I have needed to use it for a different programme there it takes at least 5 minutes before it ends the task. During this time CPU usage ranges from 0% to 5%, just in case this has any bearing on the problem.
Windows XP Home with SP2.

  Danoh 19:42 13 Jul 2005

Are you on AOL dial-up? I understand that AOL's signon process recently included a scan of your PC for any nasties. A friend of mine told me of a similar problem and when I asked him to try waiting for the AOL scan to complete, say over the weekend, it was fine thereafter.

  jessej 09:54 14 Jul 2005

Hi Danoh
No I'm not on dial up, I'm on AOL Broadband (Gold) When the AOL SpyZapper comes on a small window pops up in the bottom right corner but in this case it has nothing to do with that as I don't get that far, I only get to the sign on page, click on 'Sign On' and thats it, it stops responding. Its as though AOL hasn't finished loading properly, but there is no hard drive activity, i.e. the red light has gone off. The only thing I can think of, as far as AOL is concerned, is to uninstall/reinstall. But having said that, that doesn't explain why the Task Manager takes so long to do anything, and sometimes ends up doing nothing. I should add that it happens with any programme that for some reason or other decides to stop responding.

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