Windows Task Manager

  CurlyWhirly 09:05 12 Jul 2004

I have a process in Windows Task Manager called CThelper and it is something to do with my Creative sound card.
I have disabled it at MSconfig > Startup as it is using between 2 and 5% of my resources!
Does anybody know what it does and whether it is safe to disable it?
Also I thought that you are able to end ANY process in Windows Task Manager (except essential Microsoft processes like csrss.exe and lsass.exe)?
The CThelper process CANNOT be stopped as well as the MCshield.exe antivirus process so does this mean that if a worm, virus tried to shut down the anti-virus program it couldn't do this? (which I think is reassuring!)
I have read that the next generation of viruses, worms try and disable firewalls and anti-virus programs when they find there way onto your computer.

  xania 09:18 12 Jul 2004

click here for what this program does. Looks like you need it to run your sound. I suggest you leave well alone unless you don't want your sound card to work.
So far as the virus issue is concerned, viruses that try to switch off av software have been around for some years - you get situations where AV can't see a virus although you know its there. This is why its essential to ensure your scanners are up-to-date. Some on-line processes need you to turn off your firewall, and this is always a risky process. The balance is between doing what you need and ensuring that nothing else goes on at the same time....and, of course, remembering to switch you firewall back immediately after you've finished - rebooting may not do this for you.

  CurlyWhirly 09:20 12 Jul 2004


Cheers for that I have decided to keep it in Msconfig > startup disabled and then if I need it in the future I can re-enable it!
What about the part of my question concerning why CThelper.exe couldn't be disabled in Windows Task Manager as it ISN'T an essential operating system process?
Thanks CW

  xania 11:22 12 Jul 2004

There's quite a bit about CThelper.exe on the link VOG and I gave you. Its part of a larger package WinTasks 4 Professional. There's quite a bit about process removal etc and there's a downloadable manual. You will have to do your own research compared with all you have on your PC. You may even find how to tweak it to use less resources.

  CurlyWhirly 12:46 12 Jul 2004


Cheers for your advice!

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