windows takes ages to turn off

  dean-os 15:28 21 Aug 2003

os xp wants the screen comes up saying win shuting down takes about 40 secs

  recap 16:01 21 Aug 2003

There may be something still running in the back ground. Do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and check what is running, you may have to "end task" on a program or two.

  number21online 18:05 21 Aug 2003

Background programs can be a pest, they can interupt software installation, program running (especially video editing) and the difficulty you have encountered. The previous response is good advice, however you can download and install a program which shuts down background programs for you it is called 'Enditall' just type Enditall in your search engine and you will be given a choice of links. But be careful it is a powerful tool and should be teated with respect. Good luck.

  dean-os 22:03 21 Aug 2003

sounds good but no mention of running under os xp

  number21online 15:13 26 Aug 2003

Enditall works fine with XP.

  Rayuk 15:23 26 Aug 2003

Do you have nvidia drivers installed?

  hugh-265156 15:27 26 Aug 2003
  hugh-265156 15:31 26 Aug 2003

sorry the above was the wrong here instead

  malgall 16:44 26 Aug 2003

when i shut down windows xp and it goes to windows is saving setup then windows is shutting down once it reaches shutting down i have not timed it but 40 secs sounds about right but then with anti virus ,firewalls and other extras running i am not surprised

so it sounds ok to me you can not be in that much of a hurry

  dean-os 18:20 26 Aug 2003


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