Windows on a tablet is it possible.

  bumpkin 22:31 09 Jul 2013

Hi all, can anyone tell me if Windows can be installed on a tablet instead of Android. I would expect that it is too big or are there other reasons.

  northumbria61 22:42 09 Jul 2013

Best Windows tablets (Windows 8) enter link description here to name but a few.

  bumpkin 22:50 09 Jul 2013

thanks, so clearly possible but can I change my existing Android to Windows or do I have to buy a Windows one?

  northumbria61 23:00 09 Jul 2013

I'm not sure you can run Windows on an Android tablet because Windows uses Intel and AMD processors, and Android runs on ARM processors. I think I am correct in thinking you will have to buy a Windows Tablet.

  morddwyd 04:54 10 Jul 2013

I think it's probably about as likely as being able to install Android on a Windows laptop.

You probably need to buy a dual boot device.

  bumpkin 10:26 10 Jul 2013

Thanks for your replies and links. I would seem that I cannot use Windows on my existing tablet, it was just a thought, I will stick with Android for now.

  northumbria61 10:37 10 Jul 2013

bumpkin - further

The system requirements for Windows 8 on a tablet are -

Storage: At least 10gb free space "after the out-of-box experience completes" Graphics: Direct3D 10 device w/ WDDM 1.2 driver Display resolution: 1366x768 Camera: 720p USB: USB 2.0 Networking: WLAN and Bluetooth 4.0 + LE (low energy) System firmware: UEFI

You would need a USB port and the USB Port must be on the tablet, not an accessory and you wouldn't have MS Support.

So stick with your Android (I really like my Android tablet) but I do have a desktop running Windows 7

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