Windows System Restore Question

  Phoenix40 15:15 28 Nov 2013

Hello i have a Toshiba laptop which has Wins 8 installed. Its rather new to me as im use to using Wins Vista on my desktop computer. When there are problems with viruses i can usually use System Restore to go back when the computer worked but i cant seem to find a similar thing on my laptop Wins 8. Do they still use it or do you have to do something else to go back to when the wins system works? I just want to know what to do if something does infect my laptop in a major way thanks for any ideas.

  Phoenix40 17:02 28 Nov 2013

Hello thanks for that ill try and look it up on my windows 8. Yes i have done a Disk Recovery for the laptop like i did with my computer. Its just sometimes on my computer when it crashes my Control+ Alt Del button never always works and cant get back to taskmaster and have to turn it off and on from the mains. Thanks a lot!

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