Windows startup with dialup box opening on desktop

  Liam101 17:01 15 Aug 2004

Following upgrading the PC with Windows Update, when the PC restarted, the Internet dialup box appeared on the desktop (which it had never done before until I actually clicked the IE or Outlook Express buttons). The only way to get rid of it is either by closing it or connecting to the internet. I am on Windows 98 SE and use a modem to dial my ISP.
This now happens everytime Windows opens to desktop when the PC starts and is annoying. Anybody got any ideas how to stop it opening when windows starts?


  Newuser4222 18:14 15 Aug 2004

I had this it was resolved by a forum member It is a I/E norton problem. To resolve go to tools options /advanced and make sure the boxes are unticked for (check for publishers certificate revocation) and ( check for servers certificate revocation requires restart
hope this helps

  Liam101 21:50 15 Aug 2004

thanks newuser4222, will be able to try out your answer on Wednesday, and will post result - thanks.


  end 23:51 15 Aug 2004

strange though; if you have already been running Norton, then you should have had this problem from several months ago when the trouble "hit" with a certificate "out of date" on a norton update download.

will be "interesting" to see if the suggestion above "work" I had this problem and solved it with that idea ;
am just wondering if you have "inherited" a so-called "dialler".. but how to find out and get rid of it if so...I leave to the experts out there.....
(I now have my own "problems" , related to Norton ( I think..), and a lap-top that will NOT dial the net!!)

  Liam101 21:51 16 Aug 2004

End - thanks for that. As I say, will try to resolve on PC on Wednesday and will post result Wednesday night.
Relating to the potential of a dialler, I concur that this could be a possible cause, and am well armed with Adaware, Spybot S & D, Norton, Hijackthis, Restrictions, Startuplist, and Regcleaner to try and identify the little blighter on Wednesday.
Will let you both know result.


  Liam101 20:08 18 Aug 2004


thanks - your solution cured it and the popup box has now disappeared at startup - spot on mate, cheers!

End - you are right about inheriting a dialler. Downloaded adaware, sbybot S & D, restrictions and hijackthis and found lots of diallers. Trouble is the PC I am working on now has the same problem as you and dials the original ISP and connects (ping checked confirmed in COMMAND prompt), but window appears as 'cannot display page' no matter what website I try to access. For yourself End, try this -

1. enter dialup networking and delete your ISP connection
2. use the connection wizard to make new connection (use manually set) and re-enter your personal details
3. after clicking finish restart PC
4. when redialling, re-enter settings and enter password, user name and domain (normally WORKGROUP)
5. redial and hopefully this should cure your connection problem after being hijacked
6. if not it means that the dialler has corrupted your internet explorer files and your need to replace them (as it looks like I have to do) from your Windows CD.

Good luck


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