Windows is starting up......... When?

  theearlofsabden 22:52 16 Feb 2009

Hi all;

Windows XP Pro on start-up doesn't get past the Windows is starting up screen...... I've tried booting in safe mode/cmd/last know configuration etc..... everything just goes back to the Windows is starting up screen.

Inserting the XP disc and selecting "Repair" from the prompt has no effect at all....... It asks for an Admin password.... none has ever been set up.

I've un-slotted the RAM modules and put them back in..... thought they might be loose/dusty etc?

Any ideas?


  iqs 23:07 16 Feb 2009

"It asks for an Admin password.... none has ever been set up."

Leave the field blank and press enter

Could be a connected device affecting the boot sequence

Check the BIOS boot order

Have you loaded the Recovery Console to repair XP?

  iqs 23:12 16 Feb 2009
  PSF 23:38 16 Feb 2009

If you want to repair/re-install Windows without loosing your programs have a look at click here:

I think you were in the wrong section, you were in the recovery console.

When you do a system repair you start it like a normal installation. Before it installs you do get a choice to install a new copy or repair the existing version. You want the repair option. The example is on the third screen.

  Graham. 23:41 16 Feb 2009

Check no discs in drives or sticks in USBs.

  Graham. 23:44 16 Feb 2009


  PSF 23:48 16 Feb 2009

I lost the plot there LOL
what is an extra 'o' between friends :-)

  theearlofsabden 01:05 17 Feb 2009

Thanks guys

Just trying to work my way through the site that PSF posted...... relating on how to repair the boot sector.


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