Windows Start Up

  KAI 18:54 09 Jul 2004

Can anybody help, I run XP,Norton Anti Virus 2003,Zone alarm ( not the new 5 version )dialer control,Adaware 6, Everything is up to date, No virus etc but every now and again for some months when I boot up the screen apears with taskbar and everything else, one icon appears in the system tray ( next to clock 0 and then it sits for about 40 secs or so and then windows starts, I know this becouse I have sound linked to start up of windows, I dont get any error messages and everything works ok. it does not allways do it.If i atempt to open anything it will sit till windows starts and then open.any help would be appreciated.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:58 09 Jul 2004

click here and do a virus check, the fact that your NAV is 2003 doesn't mean you do not have a virus....TT

  KAI 11:08 10 Jul 2004

Thanks, but have scaned and no virus, boots today ok, checked all event viewer files they are ok, I get the feeling it has something to do with explorer, sometimes when I've visited a secure site and log of the site and then switch off computer it hangs then i get this problem, as I say it only happens now and again,could it be XP defraging pagefile on boot or somthing like that.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:25 10 Jul 2004

Are you sure you don't have programs that are still loading at startup? Does the hard drive light stay on during these "40 seconds"....TT

  KAI 11:24 11 Jul 2004

checked for virus via your link, No virus detected, Could it be Windows xp defrag on boot up or something like that, have booted several times now and only done once so far

  KAI 11:30 11 Jul 2004

Sorry thought I'd not posted my answer last night and so repeated the response, will check that and let you know,I dont think the light stops on but cant be sure.Nav 2003 and ZA icons appear last though.

  KAI 15:31 31 Jul 2004

I may be jumping the gun but after trying a load of free software,for example start up and wincleaner but to mention a few I still had the problem, To answer the terminators Question about the hard drive light, the light flickerd a couple of times. the only thing I've tried that seems to have worked is a full scandisc which I ran twice, I've now had no problems for a week, ( touch wood )I had a few problems with Internet explorer hanging on shut down a few months ago and that might have put a fault on my hard drive but i cannot be certain. I'll leave the box unticked as to whether its resolved for now but thought i'd post this responce in case somebody may have simillar problem.
Thanks to all

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