Windows SP3 downloaded okay but won't install

  Amer 20:44 28 Jun 2008


Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I did a search before posting but no solutions.

I have downloaded Windows XP SP3 update but when it tries to install it stops after third green bar and then does nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?

Machine is a Sony VAIO desk top

Thanks for any help form anyone


  grey george 20:56 28 Jun 2008

Then what happens? I think you have to wait quite a while for it to finish. Are you rebooting or does it just close on its own?

  Amer 21:04 28 Jun 2008


Well after the three bars I waited for about 15-20 minutes and nothing happens and the computer seemed very quiet (nornally you hear it whirring when something is installnig etc.). It didn't crash or anything. Should I have waited a little longer?

If I retry now do I have to re downlaod it or is it sitting somewhere on my hard drive and I can just try to install again.

Thanks for any help


  john bunyan 22:22 28 Jun 2008

I had trouble with SP3 - it installed but my MCE TV stopped. Do you have third party Firewall and Virus stopper? I had Commodo and AVG8. In the end, after advice from MS, I uninstalled SP3 using the Control panel. Then I downloaded and saved - not run- AVG8, Commodo, and SP3 (From MS developers site) Then disconnected from internet and uninstalled AVG and Commodo. Then reboot in safe mode. Then install SP3 in safe mode. Reboot again, install AVG and Commodo from desktop.Then reconnect to internet. It cured the TV problem, Maybe some Virus checkers or firewalls cause a problem,good luck! (You may have to adapt the above for your software)

  Amer 22:53 28 Jun 2008

Thanks John.

I think I will leave SP3 alone. It sounds way too complicate for me given what you say.

Why are these things so difficult? It is not as if AVG etc. are obscure programmes, doesn't anyone test for problems before launching a Windows update

Thanks for all your help


  john bunyan 08:41 29 Jun 2008

Amer . Agreed! Maybe others had no probs!JB

  Amer 10:17 29 Jun 2008


Will try this suggestion.

Having already downloaded it (somewhere), how do I find it on my hard drive? Where is it saved? Or do I have to download it again


  grey george 21:37 29 Jun 2008

There is some info here about re doing declined up dates.
click here

My sp3 went on with out a problem the system has norton and zonealarm both of which I did not disable.
Maybe it depends on which AV you are using.

  birdface 11:58 30 Jun 2008

This from PCA if you use here

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