Windows SP2 Firewall

  Yimbo 16:51 15 Dec 2004

On start-up, Windows SP2 firewall tells me it has blocked something called Back Web (followed by 6 numbers) asking me whether to allow it, keep it blocked or "ask me later". Two questions 1) I haven't any idea what this "Back Web" is. Is there any way of knowing to what it, and other similar codes refer? 2) Also, I have this firewall switched off on the firewall general tab, since there is a potential conflict with my Zone Alarm firewall. Why, if it's "off" is it still acting as though it were "on"?

  VoG II 16:58 15 Dec 2004
  Djohn 18:12 15 Dec 2004

If it's as VoG™ says, related to Logitech and it could well be. Then its quite safe to remove it. It installed on my system couple of weeks back when I installed my new mouse and though its only for updating of their software, I'm not keen on these type of applications that phone home without asking me. The mouse still works fine after removal of the application.

  Yimbo 22:49 15 Dec 2004

Thanks for your help! I'm a good deal clearer now about what's going on! Still don't know why the firewall is "off" yet still "on"! Any thoughts??

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