Windows sound louder after headphone error.

  legovogel 23:41 20 Dec 2016

So I was pretty much doing nothing when suddenly my sound went offline. Not receving anything on my headphones. When i right clicked the windows speaker on the bottom right, he told me something about an error with my headset (I know im stupid, i dont exactly know what the error said) so I tried to restart my computer.

Now the strange part:

I normally got windows sound level on 50%. When i booted back up my sound was fine but the normal 50% felt like 100%. So it was really loud for me. I turned it down and realized that at 25% I have my old sound level back (or at least what feels like my old sound level). So it feels like windows somehow has set my default 50% i was using to be the 100% volume. So when i go down to 25% everything is basically fine and when I go up to 100% my ears slowly cripple to the insane noise level. Also the sound now is a little, lets call it, weird. But you nearly cant notice it.


Win 10 Version 1607 Build 14393.576 Headset Logitech G910 with the Logitech software. Realtek HD audio (the headset is not using this tho)


Restarting PC, updating sound, windows and headset drivers. Deactivating Headset in Device manager and where you right click on the speaker. Searched for a variety of google results but nothing really helping what so ever.

Im really not that "write a tech support message" guy since i can figure most things out myself with the mighty help of google searches but this is sort of out of my league. Really dont know how this happend and how to actually fix it.

  BRYNIT 02:16 21 Dec 2016

Do your speakers have there own volume control knob if so have you accidentally turned this higher than you usually have it?

  legovogel 05:49 21 Dec 2016

Sadly they do not, thanks for the help tho. I pretty much check all sorts of volume adjustment posibilities but could not find any solution.

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