Windows shut down screen

  faith5 19:52 01 Jul 2003

A while ago I got rid of the usual "It is now safe to shut down your computer" message by renaming the logos.sys file in the Windows directory and replacing it with a custom made logos.sys file from an X-Files theme site.

This worked fine until I had a system crash recently and I had to reinstall Windows Me.

Everything has been restored to its former glory except my little tweak simply will not work even though I have used the same replacement file.

I simply cannot get rid of the windows message although logic says that it should be replaced as a result of a different system file being in place.

Any ideas anyone?

  Agent Smith 21:36 01 Jul 2003

did you rename the old logos.sys as let's say logos.old?

  faith5 00:36 02 Jul 2003

No, I renamed it logosoriginal.sys

Is this the problem?

If so, I cannot understand it as this is what I did before and it worked.

  Agent Smith 18:01 02 Jul 2003

I remember doing this some years ago but the exact details elude me now. However if you use a search engine and ask something like customise windows I'm sure you will find the answer. Sorry to be so vague.

  faith5 23:01 02 Jul 2003

That's OK.

I worked out what the problem was. I also altered the logow.sys file but forgot to put a replacement in.

Windows must need this to be there aswell because my X-files shut down screen is working now.

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