windows seven (two machines )

  johnnyrocker 19:48 20 Dec 2015

i have two problems and i would like to deal with the first one, it had xp pro on it and with technology advancing rapidly i spent £150 having it upgraded to win 7 and new mother board which seems a waste of money in view of how it behaves there is however an 82 ghz folder from xp machine, and i would ask for helpful suggestions on moving this to my second machine as simply as possible. my second problem is with a machine i bought some time ago which has speed problems in that after being on for an hour the speed drops from 75 megabits to on average 12 a reboot sorts this out 7 also, hope i have expressed myself clearer many thanks


  bumpkin 20:23 20 Dec 2015

Sorry jonnyrocker but it is not clear at all what you mean.

  johnnyrocker 20:30 20 Dec 2015

i shall try to be clearer. i want some easy to follow information to transfer easily an 82ghz folder which contains all my old xp stuff from older machine to newer one.

second problem is with the newer machine which after an hours use drops connection speed from 75meg to around 12 or so and can be cured by a reboot which restores the speed, it is an acer machine win7

hope that makes more sense with apologies


  bumpkin 20:42 20 Dec 2015

OK, what size is the folder that you want to transfer 82ghz is not a size. Do you mean GB if so it is a fairly big folder which would probably be easier to copy it to an external drive (if you have one big enough) and copy it from there onto the other PC.

  lotvic 20:46 20 Dec 2015

It is not clear because it's not possible to upgrade XP to W7, it has to be a clean install. Additionally it would have to be a complete clean install of W7 because a new motherboard had been fitted.

Sounds to me that what has happened is whoever fitted the new mobo and installed W7 has saved the contents of the XP drive first, and then installed W7, and then copied the saved XP contents to a folder on the W7 HDD.

Are you wanting to put XP as an Operating System onto the 2nd pc machine? or just copy your data (pics, music, word documents etc)?

Are you able to explore the contents of the XP folder? Which I suspect is 82GB which would make sense if it contains all your private data.

If it's just your data then copy what you want to a usb stick and then put that in your other pc and copy it to a folder in that pc's 'My Documents' or 'music' etc.

  johnnyrocker 20:47 20 Dec 2015

my mistake sorry it is 82gb and i do not have an external drive? other ideas would be helpful


  bumpkin 21:05 20 Dec 2015

Network the 2 PC's in that case and you should be able to copy it via the network. Not using W7 and cant remember how to set up the network but from what I recall it is fairly easy if both PC's are W7. You need to search it on the net really for some good info. Just type in something like "network Win7".

As to your second question I am assuming that you refer to internet download speeds. I have a similar problem myself and only this afternoon spent nearly an hour on the phone to my ISP TALKTALK. If I can't sort my own I doubt I can help you with that one nor would I think anyone else here can, you need to phone your ISP.

  johnnyrocker 21:17 20 Dec 2015

thanks for the helpful information so far, my isp is of little help, the problem is my connection speed which can be tested via speedtest dot net. the yare both win 7 which i shall explore further.

lotvic you are correct in your reckoning as to what went on with the earlier machine,but i would like the folder moved in total to the newer machine

  lotvic 12:08 21 Dec 2015

I agree, "Network the 2 PC's in that case and you should be able to copy it via the network"

Don't forget to mark the Folder properties as 'Share' or you won't be able to see them on the network.

  johnnyrocker 18:35 21 Dec 2015

many thanks so far but i have not a clue about networking the two machines any genuine help/advice would be welcom


  lotvic 21:09 21 Dec 2015

Basically it entails both pcs to be switched on and connected to the Router. Once you have created the Homegroup Netork (as per below) the pcs 'see' each other via the Router.

Windows 7 create a Homegroup, then join another pc to the Homegroup Network. First switch on both pcs and decide which pc is going to the main one to use to create the Homegroup. How to, with screenshots click here

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