Windows Serious Error ???

  steviekill 11:05 17 Feb 2003

If any on you techies can help with this one I would be most grateful. I keep getting the following serious error message:


Before this I get a blue screen that flashes and then disappears very quickly so that I can't read what is says.

I am using WINXP Pro and I have recently been using a new external HD and Kazaa. Could this be the problem ???

  jazzypop 12:48 17 Feb 2003

I'm afraid that you are looking at the symptom, not the cause.

When W2K or XP encounter a serious error, they can handle it in various ways. It seems that you have your PC setup to write a minidump file and reboot. The minidump is the C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini021603-01.dmp file - simply a minidump file written on 16th Feb 2003.

The dump file itself is not a user-friendly text file, and requires a large amount of programming background to interpret successfully.

The useful information is actually held in the blue screen that flashes up (too quickly for you).

If you go to right-click My Computer, choose Properties > Advanced > Startup & Recovery > Settings, then untick the 'Automatically Restart' box, and change the value for 'Time to display recovery options' to 30 seconds, you will be able to make a note of the error message on the blue screen.

Make a note of this error message (in full) and post it back - I'm sure we will be able to help then.

  steviekill 22:36 17 Feb 2003

Ok thanks jAZZY Pop the error reads :


Windows has closed this to prevent damage to your computer.

What does this mean and more importantly how would you advise I rectify this problem ? all comments are most welcome.

  jazzypop 00:34 18 Feb 2003

OK, we're getting closer :)

It also helps to see the Stop error message that goes before the PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES message.

As far as I can tell, your message is caused by a badly-written driver. The next step is to identify which one, and upgrade it to the latest version (if possible).

See click here and click here for how to identify the rogue driver. Although the tips are identified as being for Win2000, the registry structure for W2K is essentially the same, so it should work just fine.

Keep a pencil and paper beside the PC for now, write down any and every error message.

You might also want to check in Device Manager, in case you have any yellow exclamation marks next to any hardware. Right-click My Computer, choose Properties > Hardware > Device Manager to check.

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