Windows Security Center.AntivirusOverride

  g0slp 07:50 11 Oct 2005

I discovered last night that MSMessenger had been put onto my PC against my specific instructions.

I've deleted it, naturally, but am running Spybot et al as a matter of course (only did it 3 days ago, so I know that the machine was clean).

I've just had the message in the title flagged up by Spybot as a problem. I've not seen this one before; it seems to be in the Registry.

Will Spybot get rid of this without any further problem, or am I likely to have more aggravation?

Regards, Mark

  PC Bilbo 09:06 11 Oct 2005

If you have any more problems try this click here

There is a legacy "messenger" in Windows (I am asuming you have XP as you mention security centre)
which was used by administrators in large office networks.There is a basic security flaw that allows
spammers in.The above small download will safely make the necessary registry change to turn it off (and back on again should you ever need it). This is not the same as Windows Messenger used for MSN.

  g0slp 09:15 11 Oct 2005

Thanks for response. I'm still running checks at present, & will post back in due course.

You're right; I'm running XP.

Regards, Mark

  g0slp 12:48 17 Oct 2005

It's not come back, so I guess that Spybot did its thing OK.

I was just concerned about the 'AV Override' aspect.


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