Windows Security Alerts thinks my computer might be at risk

  Laurence WM 21:58 17 Jan 2013


According to my Microsoft Security Essentials, my PC (Windows XP) is ‘Protected’, yet according to my Windows Security Alerts, in a bubble that pops up from my toolbar most of the time I switch on, ‘your computer might be at risk; your anti-virus software might be out of date’.

Should I be concerned, or do the Security Alerts not register Microsoft’s own security system?

If I needn't worry, how could I stop the bubble from delivering its alarminmg message so frequently?

Thanks, Laurence

  alanrwood 10:16 18 Jan 2013

How often do you do Windows update. It may be warning you that the definitions are out of date. New definitions are usually available daily. Can't remember but is there a setting in MSSE to warn you if definitions have not been updated for "X" days

  Nontek 12:12 18 Jan 2013

Right-click on the MSE icon on the taskbar and choose to Update - just takes a few seconds or so.

  johndrew 15:13 18 Jan 2013

It may also be that you have not run a scan recently.

  Laurence WM 17:35 19 Jan 2013

Thank you for these very helpful answers, Alan, Nontek and John.

My MSE is scheduled to update and scan daily. Right-clicking and updating as Nontek suggests does remove the warning icon, but on my slow old machine it takes more than a few seconds, and as it is another extra little task need I bother, given the daily schedule? If not, can I prevent the balloon from appearing so frequently?

Manks thanks again, Laurence

  alanrwood 18:37 19 Jan 2013


I was not aware that MSSE was capable of automatic updates but it is quite a while since I last used it so maybe I am out of date

  Nontek 22:39 19 Jan 2013

MSE does update automatically as a rule, but you will still need to run a Quick Scan occasionally and/or do a Manual update.

  alanrwood 12:08 20 Jan 2013

You can disable these warnings if you wish. Click on the Flag icon and select Action Centre/Security and set it up as you think is right for yourself.

  Laurence WM 15:31 21 Jan 2013

Many thanks, everyone!


  onthelimit1 09:01 22 Jan 2013

Read this thread too - MSE update problem

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