Windows scandisk always starts...WHY???

  muscic lover 18:56 11 Sep 2004

I run windows Me and it seems that every time i turn the PC on it starts with Scandisk on the thorough setting. It takes 6 hours to scan my disk that way.

I can click on close and all then starts and runs as normal, until i restart or turn the PC on again.

Why does my PC do this? I have run a Norton antivirus scan and it says all is OK. I have tried Sysyem Restore to a working normal point as well to try and cure the problem, but no such luck!

Its beyond me! Any ideas gang??? PLease help if you can as i am pulling my hair out in frustration (and i am nearly bald now!!)

Thanks in advance!

  Night Ryder 19:03 11 Sep 2004

Your hard drive is probably failing. I would replace it as soon as possible.

  Night Ryder 19:05 11 Sep 2004

Could also check inside the PC and make sure all cables are firmly seated.

  pc moron 19:06 11 Sep 2004

There's an article from Microsoft here click here

  muscic lover 19:29 11 Sep 2004

Thanks to all 3 of you.

Have installed the fix as advised by PC moron - but the scandisk carries on starting each time i do......

Am now down to the last few hair strands!

Any more suggestions????

  Night Ryder 19:37 11 Sep 2004

I know its a lengthy process but have you ever let the scan complete? If so did you notice if there were any bad blocks reported. If there are may bad blocks reported then your hard drive is most certainly failing and this is why scandisk is running a thorough test every time you start up the PC.

  smokingbeagle² 20:10 11 Sep 2004

" click here;en-us;152404&Product=winme "

  smokingbeagle² 20:11 11 Sep 2004

"click here;en-us;152404&Product=winme"

  pc moron 20:13 11 Sep 2004

Agree with Night Ryder.

Let Scandisk run to completion and, hopefully, fix any file errors.

If you get the messages described in this article, click here, after Scandisk has finshed, then it's looking like your hard disk is dodgy.

The article describes how to stop Scandisk from starting everytime you turn on your PC.

  smokingbeagle² 20:14 11 Sep 2004

You are looking for this "Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 152404"

  pc moron 20:31 11 Sep 2004

I find it easier to use this click here to post Knowledge Base links on this site.

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