Windows Runtime Error: Recurring problem

  woodpecker 01:04 16 Mar 2005

I keep getting a popup box with the following message. Any ideas what is the cause and the cure? Many Thanks Marcus
Runtime Error!
Program C:\WINDOWS\System32\cidaemon.exe
-pure virtual function call
Click OK>

My System is:
S/W Running when message occurs
MS Outlook XP
MSN Messenger 6.2
Win Explorer
Logitech iTouch Keyboard support
Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 (this syncs my Orange SPV E200 smartphone but the popup error occurs whether the phone is connected or not)

All and any help will be much appreciated. The only option is to press ok when the popup box occurs and after doing so I cannot see any sign of any software not working.

  hugh-265156 01:23 16 Mar 2005

click here says cidaemon.exe is the indexing service.this a a total guess but i would try to disable the indexing service maybe if you dont use it as its a performance hog anyway and will slow down your computer. open my computer and right click your hard drive/s then click 'properties/general' untick 'allow indexing service to index this disk for fast file searching' and apply to all folders.

once its done open control panel and click 'administrative tools/services' scroll down to 'indexing service' double click it and set the startup to disabled from the drop down list. restart your computer to take effect.

also found this click here may help a bit

  woodpecker 01:32 16 Mar 2005

Helloy Huggyg71
Thanks for that can I ask what exactly this does and how I will know if I am already using it (you say if you don't use it), as I assume this is some automated indexing service so which programs use the created index? Also does this mean that there is a corrupt file somewhere which is causing the problem? Thanks again Marcus

  hugh-265156 01:48 16 Mar 2005

it indexes your files for faster searching when you use start/search i believe click here may give you some more info. search works just as well when its disabled, most people dont need this service. click here click here may also help.

it may not be the problem though as above i was guessing but you wont do any harm if you disable this.

  woodpecker 02:08 16 Mar 2005

Hi Again. Thanx, for those I will take a proper look through them tomorrow when I am more awake. I have just removed indexing from drive c which took forever and am now doing the same from drive d. According to my skimming of those articles I should free up some disk space as well as CPU usage with this - much appreciated! I will now give it a day or so with that turned off and see if the trouble is solved. I often get the feeling that Windows leaves loads of things running for which there is no need and which no doubt also use up CPU and Disk Space, thanks for the help and goodnight! ;)

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