Windows reports no memory

  User-90B16611-3E8B-4BAA-8889B57AD3BEDBB0 21:38 28 Jul 2004

I have been getting error messagesaying my memory is very low cannot open programmes advises me to close programmes but no applications are running.
Windows 98SE with 256 Mb memory.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:53 28 Jul 2004

im not saying i can help, but who ever can will want more info,
ie. how much RAM do you have? whats your OE? etc etc

  ZEROTOLERANCE 21:55 28 Jul 2004

sorry i must be blind

unnghh Durr

  woodchip 21:59 28 Jul 2004

Check how much Free disc space you have on C:\

Thanks My c\drive has 15.5Gb of space

  sil_ver 22:23 28 Jul 2004

Try going to Start/run and type msconfig, click ok and click on the startup progs tab and uncheck everything except explorer and systray (if they are there)reboot and see if there is any improvement. If there is then start checking the items in msconfig one at a time until you get the problem again You might also try a defrag but with the amount of free space you have I can't see it being that

  sil_ver 22:25 28 Jul 2004

You might also check that you haven't picked up a virus, Trojan or worm.

  flyingpeterpan 22:36 28 Jul 2004

DO you mean system memory or virtual memory low?

The wording is " there is not enough memory to run this programme ,try closing some applications

  flyingpeterpan 23:08 28 Jul 2004

I think you have to take Sil_ver's advise and check for viruses.

  LastChip 23:37 28 Jul 2004

Please only open one thread on a subject.

Take a look at your other one, where I wrote a fairly comprehensive post. Then I suggest you close it, so as not to cause any more confusion.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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