Windows Reinstall/Partition Query

  Ben Avery 16:29 31 Jan 2003


I've had some errors with Win 98SE stopping many video files etc playing and so I'm going to format and reinstall windows again from fresh.

I've partitioned my drives from what they were (Windows on C:=5GB and Programs/Data on D:=35GB) to a new setup (Windows on C:=5GB, Programs on D:13GB and Data on E:19GB) using partition magic 8.

I have put all of my files which I know are not corrupt and all my program setup files onto the "new" E: Drive and need to format the C: and D: drives to delete any errors. Then I want to reinstall windows 98SE (And maybe windows 2000 Pro as well) and go from there.


Finally got to it!
Using my Win 98 boot disk, is it safe to type format c: and erase my OS without worrying about it interfering with Drive E: or will formatting the c: drive do damage to my E: drive too?

Even better, can someone advise me on the best way to do what I want to do from here?

Thanks in advance.


  Diemmess 16:43 31 Jan 2003

A good idea to plan these separate drives.......Not sure about your use of the term "partition" which technically means reallocating space on a single physical HD to appear (and behave) as more than one (logical)drive.

If you don't wish to lose data of any sort when you partition a physical drive you must either make a clone image somewhere safe first, or use software like Partiton Magic to do it "on the fly"

It is only safe to Format a drive if no application spreads itself between that drive and another.

I am sure you realise that formatting your C: drive will lose the operating system and all the fundamental stuff as well as the snags.

  Ben Avery 16:53 31 Jan 2003

Ok bad explaination by me, sorry!

I have my 40GB Seagate Hard Drive "partitioned" into the following:

C: Primary Partition (5GB)
D: Logical Partition (13GB)
E: Logical Partition (19GB)

The computer "sees" these as seperate hard drives, not as one (hence my CD Drives are now labelled as E: (DVD) and F: (CDRW) plus a virtual drive called G: (funnily enough!)

All I really want to do is uninstall all programs then windows 98SE then reinstall them after formatting the "Partitions/Drives" they came from
i.e. C: and D: (Saying that, I could just wipe D: without formatting it using the Symantec Wipe Info program to save time if this works too?)

Does this make a little more sense???

Sorry guys!

  Ben Avery 16:55 31 Jan 2003

That was BEFORE the change!

Now my CD drives are F: (DVD) G: (CDRW) and H: (Virtual) but I'm sure you already worked that one out!

D'oh! I need a drink!


  1st RHA 17:09 31 Jan 2003

any links will be lost but files are fine (whether movies, sounds or data) formatting is done on one partition at a time unless otherwise requested, read help files on boot disk, it will help, don't forget to Sys C: your partition

  Diemmess 17:28 31 Jan 2003

If I have this right, you don't need to uninstall any program files at present on C:
Format -will wipe everything off that "drive"....

1st RHA's suggestion will mean that when you put the system files back at Format /sys it will mean that on rebooting you will boot as far as the C>: prompt.

You could make a folder now on D: or E: called W98 and copy the folder Win98 from your installation CD. Then when after format you arrive at the C prompt, Type D: Enter, then type CD\W98 Enter, and type "setup" Enter and you are away!

Error message on posting.... if this is duplicated you know why!

  hgrock 21:38 31 Jan 2003

i have been around since the days of DOS version 2 and DRDos which only handled small HD so we had to partition, i ant for the life of me see why one should create so many drives on a 40GB hd and why a virtual drive, if the HD fails you loose the lot anyway, if you move your prograns to E they probably won't run, because when they were first installed in c the new reinstall would not know of these programs they will also have to be reinstalled,
please could some wise person out there convince me of a good reason for all these partitions on a 40gb hd

  woodchip 21:44 31 Jan 2003

You can format C: without it touching any other drive get cracking

  woodchip 21:45 31 Jan 2003

PS you could have formated in Partition Magic it's faster

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