Windows Reinstallation problems

  gilhody 21:00 17 Sep 2003

I had to reinstall windows XP on the advice of my computer manufacturer because of a corrupt file

I followed their written instructions which apparently allowed me to reinstall windows without losing data. However I have subsquently encountered the following problems which I would be grateful for some help with solving;

* My main problem is that the old Windows users I had created have disappeared from the login menu. Of course I have been able to find the folders for these users in 'documents and settings'. The problem is that some of the files are locked (under sharing and security) and you can't read them unless you log in as that person.. but I don't know how to recreate the link between those old user folders so they appear on the login menu.

* Outlook Express no longer seems to be linked to my yahoo account, which isn't a problem; I can sort that out. I'm more concerned about getting back my old emails which must surely be stored somewhere on the computer; but I don't know where.

* Many of the applications now look like they need to be reinstalled; despite the fact that they still appear in the programs folder (they just wont run). Is there anyway I can find a way to make them work again without having to reinstall from scratch?


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