Windows Recovery Console - help needed.

  musicbassman 08:59 13 Oct 2004

I have a problem on Windows XP where the computer continuously reboots on startup, and using windows support website I think the problem might be a corrupted kernel32.dll file.
I’m trying to follow the instructions on windows support website for reinstalling this file from my XP cd. The windows support page (http:/ says to “Use the Recovery Console to extract a new copy of the Kernel32.dll file from the Windows XP CD” So, I load the CD, press R to select the repair or recover option, and then the instructions say “At the command prompt, type ‘cd system32’ and press enter” So I do this, but all I get is the response “Path or file specified is not valid”
What am I doing wrong?

  rawprawn 09:43 13 Oct 2004

Have you tried running a system file check ?, Start / Run / type sfc /scannow. note the space between sfc and / you will need you XP if it finds a problem . Also if you can boot up (it's not clear from what you say) Boot in safe mode download and run this free program
click here

  rawprawn 09:45 13 Oct 2004

Forgot to say, if you run EScan, turn system restore off before doing it

  musicbassman 10:19 13 Oct 2004

Thanks rawprawn - but I can't get as far as the desktop when I boot up - crashes and restarts at the point when the desktop would usually appear. Which is why I'm having to use the recovery console.

  ventanas 10:33 13 Oct 2004

Its actually a little bit more involved, you must use the copy command in Recovery Console, as well as the source and destination paths.

You will therefore need to know the path of kernel32 on the XP cd. It goes in C:\Windows\System32. If it is in a compressed .cab file you will need to use the expand command instead. Unfortunately I don't know where it is on the CD.

  Graham ® 10:33 13 Oct 2004

Just type cd, enter. This will give the options available.

Recovery console click here

  musicbassman 11:44 13 Oct 2004

Thanks guys. Ventanas, the windows support page which I have referred to in my first post has the necessary instructions as to expanding the file etc, the problem is I can't even get to that point.
Graham, thanks for the link to the recovery console. I have had a look at this, but there are some things there I don't understand. What do they mean by the question 'which windows installation do you want to log on to?' I didn't know I had a choice! Also they indicate that the screen should show C:\WINDOWS whereas my screen just shows C:\<
Your help greatly appreciated. (I'm using my work computer to make these posts.)

  woodt 12:09 13 Oct 2004

Have a read through this it might help click here

  woodt 12:10 13 Oct 2004

This is also very good click here

  VoG II 12:13 13 Oct 2004
  musicbassman 13:52 13 Oct 2004

Many thanks for your help. I've looked through the links, and they all seem to assume that the screen is reading C:\WINDOWS whereas mine is showing C:\< Maybe that's why I'm getting the error message in the first place?

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