windows re install wont read disc

  daveroberts 16:28 09 Aug 2014

hi my internal optical drive clearly isnt working as i have a new disc in perfect condition. my laptop is stuck on stage 3 of 3 and loops over and over i have changed settings in bios to read internal optical drive but with no success in reading the disc, i have also let the battery run completely out so i get the message saying insert windows disc but again no luck. the last time i had my laptop wiped and windows re installed the guy said he needed to use an external dvd drive,but at that time you could boot up and get on the desktop,if i purchase an external dvd drive would it work or would it not work due to me not being able to get on the desktop to install whatever software if there is even any software or are they plug and play kind of things.sorry if its a bit long or worded wrong i have tried my best to explain any help would be much appreciated. thankyou

  daveroberts 16:38 09 Aug 2014

if it helps any this is the drive i was going to purchase
click here

  Ian in Northampton 16:45 09 Aug 2014

The key thing, I think, is whether your BIOS can be set to boot from an external USB device (assuming that what you have is a bootable Windows disk). Older BIOS's mostly couldn't. But if yours has the option, change the boot order to look for a USB drive first, and it should work.

  daveroberts 16:55 09 Aug 2014

thanks for the reply, yes it has a usb optical drive option in the bios menu would a usb drive work that way without installation of software if they come with software that is or will it be that i just plug in and it will automaticly work and run the disc?

  northumbria61 16:55 09 Aug 2014

Can you not borrow one to try? If not there are cheaper options Samsung Models

This is one I bought previously and does the job. It is Plug n Play so works straight out of the box. Optical Drive

  northumbria61 16:58 09 Aug 2014

There is no software to install - works out of the box

  daveroberts 17:00 09 Aug 2014

thankyou very much thats helped me out alot, i will purchase that model as i now know it is a plug and play type. once again thankyou for your help

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