Windows re-install and cable

  vaughan007 21:20 10 Jun 2004

Hello everyone,

First of all you should know this...

Windows XP Home, Blueyonder broadband connected through a cable modem and NIC. Its a Medion PC.

I want to re-install windows xp as my pc is gradually starting to run slower than it used to because over the last couple of years I have had loads of software installed like games, etc.

My hard drive is also full of old files that I dont want know how it is.

I think the easiest thing to do is just a full windows restore using the product recovery cd to take me back to the days when the pc was new.

Firstly, is a full restore as easy in xp as what it used to be in win 98 and 95? (eg. stick the cd in, select full restore and leave it alone for a bit.)

Secondly, how can I get my cable broadband up and running again after the full restore?

Finally, anything else I should know?



  VoG II 21:24 10 Jun 2004

Didn't you get a CD from Blueyonder when it was installed. Or the Instand Support CD?

  Fruit Bat 21:27 10 Jun 2004

XP should restore as you say but you will lose drivers for speacalist equipment as BB modem. if you have drivers on cd/ disk that came with equip then no prob, however if no CD/ disks then use device manager to show drivers then copy driver files to another partion or cd /floppy before doing restore.


  VoG II 21:32 10 Jun 2004

Instant Support Tool click here - download and save to CD.

  vaughan007 23:14 10 Jun 2004

Fruit Bat...Yes I know i will lose all the drivers...I was going to do as you say and save them to cd before doing the full restore.

VoG...I have the blueyonder instant support tool. I assume that if I run this and follow the instructions it will simply set up my broadband connection for me?

  VoG II 23:18 10 Jun 2004

Yes the Instant Support Tool will do this. However, you may not even need it. Once you have reformatted and re-installed all drivers your PC should have the same MAC address and BY should recognise it.

  nyleridedog 01:51 11 Jun 2004

blueyonder no longer requires you to register mac address!
its just plug an play now


  vaughan007 02:13 11 Jun 2004

Thanks for that everyone!

So I dont have to register the mac address...which is good.

One last thing...

Do i need to release my ip address before re-installing windows? Or is there no need to do that.


  nyleridedog 02:23 11 Jun 2004

no when you switch off yer pc, the ip is auto released!

  helenS 12:11 11 Jun 2004

If your cable modem from BY is connected via network card like mine, then winxp will auto find the card and your modem will work fine.


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