Windows Randomly Reboots//Reloading Windows XP

  RobCharles1981 14:36 13 Aug 2005

1. I have a problem here my Computer is randomly rebooting either after the post BIOS or the Windows XP Loading Logo this happens every now and then and its quite anoying. My Specs are as follows:

AMD 64 3000 S939
MSI MS-7025 K8N Neo2 Platinum (OEM)
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
1 Gig of Ram
200 Gig/160 Hard Drive
Sony DVD Rom and Phillips DVD RW
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

2. I cant acces safemode when it loads the basic Drivers I getan IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP: O0000000A (OXF7C90354, 0X000000FF, 0X00000001, 0X8432E41

3. I want too try and reload Windows XP, I set the First Boot Divice too CDRom as you do, I insert my CD and Boot it, when it gets too "Checking for Previous Versions of Windows" at this point it should ask weather I want too change my current partition too Format it, but it skips that point and carrys on installing Windows, and when finished it will install another copy of WIndows on my Same Paration, so is it my Windows XP Disk too blame?

  howard60 15:01 13 Aug 2005

with xp it is common for it to regain some form of normality after several reboots. You do not say if sp2 is installed. I find that now that sp2 is installed my original xp cd is not liked although if I boot from it this is acceptable. Have you tried checking through all your bios settings in case something funny has happened?

  RobCharles1981 16:31 13 Aug 2005

I have WIndows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 built in, what BIOS settings should I be looking at? Do u have any other comments for questions 2 and 3 ?

  pk470 17:38 13 Aug 2005

You could have a CPU overheating problem or a hardware problem when did you last clean the heatsink and fan??
As for the other problem if you wan't to reformat and load the OS and can't if you have a W98 WME floppy put it in and boot on the prompt choose without cd rom support on th A:\ PROMPT TYPE FDISK
and delete the non dos partition put WXP disk in and reinstall.

  pk470 17:49 13 Aug 2005

You could have also a driver problem or memory with this error,have you put new software in??.

  RobCharles1981 19:28 13 Aug 2005

I havent cleaned the heatsink and fan since it was upgraded some months ago, havent as such added any new hardware untill the otherday new Sound Card, DVD Rom, and Printer I tested those both and they are fine, I did how ever test the memory as I have 2 x 512 DDR Dims, I took one out and tested ok and put and tested the other one and the PC was bleeping, I checked all my divices in the manager and they are all fine ran the sfc using the WIndows XP CD and its fine. But in a few days I'm getting Windows XP Professional.

  RobCharles1981 20:56 13 Aug 2005

I checked the heatsink and fan cleaned it, tested it and it its still rebooting

  RobCharles1981 11:52 15 Aug 2005

So have you got any suggestions on what too do ?

  xania 12:24 15 Aug 2005

This could be caused by any number of things. Given the timings, I doubt over-heating, so my immediate suspect would be your power supply. If possible, borrow one from a friend and see if that resolves the problem. Also check to make sure that all your expansion cards, memory etc are firmly in place - they can come lose over time. Also check you IDE & floppy cables at both ends and power connections to all devices and the motherboard.

When my wife had the same problem recently, I ended up with a new mobo, but it due for a replacement and that certainly solve the problem.

  petescully 16:49 15 Aug 2005

With regards to number 1. - Go into the System properties, in control panel, and find the setting that says 'reboot when error occurs' - Can't remember the exact name. And also check your Event Viewer - in Admin Tools.

On 2. click here - Microsoft . com / technet - they suggest memory related problems cause this stop error. So I'd get rid of that faulty (if not intermitantly faulty) memory.

(From my experience-intermitant faults are usually hardware/environment related causes)

And 3. - You say you are upgrading to WinXP Pro soon, why not back up your data and wipe your hdd, and install a fresh copy of WinXP Pro - from the start.

Hope this advice is helpful, good luck.

  RobCharles1981 17:34 15 Aug 2005

Ile give it a whirl and see how things go, If I remember the last time I took it back too be repaired All they done was suggested that the motherboard was faulty, and changed it, but its still doing it so it has too be something else,

Im expecting my Windows XP Pro Order from Ebuyer in the next few days. But I'm using Windows Home with sp2, but I cant format the system with Home Edition when I boot from the start with the CD, it "Checking For Previous Versions of Windows XP" (At this point it should ask do u want too format your system) instead it just races into the Windows Installation, what is the cause of this is it the Windows XP CD ?

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