Windows protection error !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  dkuk2000 12:17 15 Mar 2003

I'm currently running window me on my system.
On switching on my pc i got as far as the windows screen then i was faced with a windows message "windows as unable to load at last attempt please restart you computer".
After restarting many times i still faced this message so i decided to restore my pc.
This was going well until i had to restart and then i got the message "invalid system disk".
Under advice i reinstalled windows me once again all went fine until restart then i was faced with "windows protection error".
I,ve replaced the hard drive and i'm still getting the same message.

  powerless 12:21 15 Mar 2003

If you've replaced the drive then it must be a device on your system creating the problems.

Disconnect everything that is in un-needed, sound card etc and see if you can get to a desktop. Then add the bits back on and see what is throwing up the message.

  powerless 12:22 15 Mar 2003

Also what is your operating system?

  powerless 12:22 15 Mar 2003

Win ME

  powerless 12:26 15 Mar 2003
  mikef™ 12:29 15 Mar 2003

Sounds silly, but I've done it, you haven't left a floppy in your floppy disc drive, it can give warnings like this when booting up.

  Lozzy 12:29 15 Mar 2003

Windows Protection error messages can occur under any of the following conditions:
If a real-mode driver and a protected-mode driver are in conflict.
If the registry is damaged.
If either the file or the file are infected with a virus, or if either of the files are damaged.
If a protected-mode driver is loaded from the System.ini file and the driver is already initialized.
If there is a physical input/output (I/O) address conflict or a random access memory (RAM) address conflict.
If there are incorrect complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings for a built-in peripheral device (such as cache settings, CPU timing, hard disks, and so on).
If the Plug and Play feature of the computer's basic input/output system (BIOS) is not working correctly.
If the computer contains a malfunctioning cache or malfunctioning memory.
If the computer's motherboard is not working properly.
If you installed Microsoft Office 97 and you are using the Novell Client 32 software.


To resolve a Windows Protection error message:
Start your computer in Safe mode. For information about how to start your computer in Safe mode

To start Windows Me in Safe mode, press and hold down the CTRL key while you restart your computer, and then choose Safe Mode on the Windows Me Startup menu.


Have you or did you install anything on the PC before this started?

When you re installed ME did you install over the existing Windows version or did you do a clean installation?

  powerless 12:44 15 Mar 2003

"I have a very,very basic knowledge of pc's how easy is it to disconnect sound cards etc"

OK, i think your best bet is to go to a local PC shop and get to have a look and sort it out.

But if you do not want to do this, then read on...

Something on your computer is making that message pop up. The fact that you have replaced the hard drive (did you do it yourself?) means that there is a component on the computer causing the message...or it could be something in my above click here

SWITCH OFF power to the machine ( unplug it at the mains) and open up your case of the, computer. Now to find the soundcard follow the speaker wires back and they should be connected to the soundcard, simply remove the screw and pop out soundcard. If you find that the wire goes back to a really big piece of electronics then you have onboard soud which you cannot remove.

To be honest i would get someone to look at your computer as the cause of the problem could one of many things. From the above click here in t may be hardware failure.

Unless anyone else has any ideas?

  powerless 12:47 15 Mar 2003

It might not be the souncard it could be a CD Drive so you would have to remove that.

  Lozzy 12:51 15 Mar 2003

Its best to post back here rather than email. So that others can see your response..

I would suggest the main reason for this fault is driver or hardware conflict. I would suggest a full disk format the re install Win ME.

Read article no. 149962 in the MS Knowledge Base

  powerless 13:00 15 Mar 2003

"Thanks for advice i think i'll take it in local shop for check up."

Good luck.

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