Windows Protection Error?

  bearpot 12:27 31 Oct 2004

I have installed Windows 98 on a newly built pc with a blank hdd. Eberting went well until it came to the finalizing of the installation. It said restarted computer but then it said "Windows protection error - You need to restart your computer", so i did that and the only way I can access windows is through Safe Mode - where i don't have drivers for the cd-rom. I can access the command prompt to re-install windows and i have done that twice - all to no avail, the same problem just comes back again
Any help appreciated

  buscrew 13:35 31 Oct 2004

Personally I would use a Start Up Floppy to access FDisk, delete all partitions, re-create the primary partition, and any extended partitions with logical drives that you want, reboot into bios and set to boot from CDROM first, insert the Win 98 CD Rom and reboot. The setup should continue on from there, and all should be well.

  buscrew 13:36 31 Oct 2004

Dont forget to format the C Drive after re-creating the new partitions.

  bearpot 14:55 31 Oct 2004

buscrew - whats a logical drive - sorry, bit of a novice:)

  buscrew 15:07 31 Oct 2004

When using FDisk you can partition your HD into separate drives, that will be recognized in windows as separate drives IE C, D ,E, etc, and these will be recognized and allocated drive letter numbers before your CD/DVD drives. In Windows 98 this has to be done in FDisk prior to OS installation. After you create the primary partition, select the option to create an extended DOS partition, the create the logical drive. If you only want one accept the default split (100%), if not sub divide to create further drives. I don't have a link to a definitive site for Fdisk but I'm sure someone will read this and point you in the right direction

  PSF 15:11 31 Oct 2004


remove the spaces after // and copy/paste it into your browser.

  bearpot 15:14 31 Oct 2004

thanks buscrew

  PSF 15:16 31 Oct 2004
  PSF 15:17 31 Oct 2004


remove spaces, it is all about using fdisk

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