Windows programmes window on desktop

  Newby 14:02 26 Feb 2003

When I start up my computer I get a Window entitled "Window" with all the windows files on it. I have to close it down every time before starting on the activity I had opened the computer to do.
How can I get rid of it? - and what is it called? I've tried all sorts of titles to find out how to get rid of it using the help room. The only thing I can think of calling it is in the name of the thread I am using.

  MichelleC 15:26 26 Feb 2003

I'm not sure what u mean. On boot up u get an auto pop-up listing all your progs? How r the progs shown - in list or icon form? Also what operating system r u?

  beeuuem 15:43 26 Feb 2003

I take it that you mean that the folder'Windows' opens on start up.

Which version of Windows are you running?

Have you changed ISP recently?

  Newby 16:16 26 Feb 2003

Hi, MichelleC and beeuuem,
Imagine the presentation you get when you open up Control Panel. This is the same presentation. It is entitled "Windows" and I can make it list icons folders, etc.. It includes everything in Windows including things like the control attributes i.e. config.sys, autoexec.bat etc..

I'm running Windows Me but I did change from dial-up to broadband a little while ago. I'm not actually sure if it happened then or later. I've just been hospitalised so I've had other more pressing priorities.

So, any ideas?

Thanks for responding.

  beeuuem 16:40 26 Feb 2003

The answer is related to BB
In the win.ini file (which is in the Windows folder), expand the "windows" tab and you will find an entry "run=*." where the * may have data or be blank. In either case the answer to the problem is to remove the full stop from the end of the line. Reboot and, lo and behold, no annoying Windows folder.
From click here

  beeuuem 16:58 26 Feb 2003

I just tried this on my system and putting the '.' after 'run' does create the problem you are having. And removing it puts all back to normal
When you open 'Win.ini'( just click on it)you can use the 'Search ' tab to find 'run'. You will be asked if you want to save the change, which you do,when you close the file. Reboot and all should be well.
Good luck.

  Newby 11:50 27 Feb 2003

Thank you Beeuuem,
I used search, win.ini - opened up win, and on the second line was run.
I deleted the full stop after run, shut down, started up and - LO AND BEHOLD - the windows popup didn't (POPUP I mean!).
Thank you very much but, how the heck did it happen??? in the first place?

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