Windows Product Key on Multiple PC's?

  AventadorDH 16:30 11 Dec 2015

Im getting a new PC that has no preset OS so I'm wondering if I can use the same product key from my old PC to activate another Windows on the new one. If not, would I have to delete the old one somehow to transfer it over? How do I do this if that is the case?

  onthelimit1 17:43 11 Dec 2015

Some ideas here.

  bumpkin 18:44 11 Dec 2015

What O/S and do you mean use the me key on both machines.

  bumpkin 18:52 11 Dec 2015

me= same

  AroundAgain 19:39 11 Dec 2015

I think it depends on whether you bought the OS or whether it came on/with the computer. If on/with the computer, it will probably be OEM and not transferable. If you bought it separately, then if you deactivate it, you should be able to uninstall on old computer and install on new but you shouldn't have it installed on more than one computer at any one time.

That's my understanding of this.

  bumpkin 21:18 11 Dec 2015

Without knowing the O/S and product details it is difficult to say, I was running w7 on two pc's with the same key and have now updated them to w10 with no problems.

  lotvic 21:52 11 Dec 2015

Aye, there's what's possible and there's what's legal within the EULA...

  bumpkin 15:45 12 Dec 2015

Aye, there's what's possible and there's what's legal within the EULA...

If Microsoft verify it and activate it on 2pc's then presumably it complies with their EULA or they would not allow it.

  AventadorDH 17:41 12 Dec 2015

Thanks for all the tips! Mine was preloaded so it might not work but I'll try anyway

  onthelimit1 10:41 13 Dec 2015

If you get stuck, I've bought several W7 DVDs and COA from here on Amazon.

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