Windows problems

  jmsbwtr2 19:01 29 May 2005

Ok, here is my really annoying problem that started today, my computer restarts itself (when in Windows) without asking. I'm assuming it's not a hardware fault as Linux will run forever without crashing. The only difference today is I installed battle for middle earth, it worked fine in the morning but when I tried again in the afternoon to play a game over the network that's when the problems started. Although I don't think this is the problem either because I did a system restore to a week previous but still carried on switching itself off. I tried backing up all my files onto another computer over the network and then it restarted yet again. Then I booted into linux and backed up my files (on the Windows partition) fine, it took 45 mins to copy and no crash. I had one last go at Windows but again, it restarted. Finally I installed a fresh new Windows but then I got the infamous blue screen of death, I really need Windows to play all my games so although it is not vital I have a few hundred pounds worth of games I want to play. Any ideas? It's a P4 LGA775 520, PC CHIPs M957G 512MB DDR400 RAM, GeForce FX5200 (i know, I need to upgrade) with TV tuner, CD re-writer, DVD reader, 80 gig hdd. But as I said before I don't think it's a hardware problem, the processor temp straight after a crash is only 63 degrees C, nothing is overclocked and the RAM doesn't feel hot to the touch (straight after it's turned off) the hard drive doesn't feel very hot although the chipset heat sink on the motherboard did feel hot, I don't know whether it felt hot before or whether it being hot is a good thein because it's dissappating heat fromt he chip underneath. Any ideas to solve the problem would be great, Thanks, James.

  stefan-194811 19:25 29 May 2005

From my experience it sounds as tho it could be your graphics card, is the graphics card old, try removeing and re-seating it. You said your mobo temp was 63c well mine runs at max of 46c and i have a athlon2500+ overclocked to 3200+.

  jmsbwtr2 19:52 29 May 2005

The graphics card is new, I will try taking it out and using the onboard graphics though, I'll post back soon

  jmsbwtr2 11:57 30 May 2005

The problem turned out to be a hard drive fault, I put it into another computer as slave and that had the same symptoms. Before putting it into another computer though, Linux died, Windows 98SE or XP, Fedora Linux, Slackware or Mepis linux would not install, the CDs all appearing to be scratch free. It's a good job I had backups of a large proportion of my files onto a USB pen (not the most reliable of media but at least it is a backup of some sort).

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