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  CraftyKT 15:11 04 Sep 2003

When I installed a new hard drive I created 2 partitions on it. One was to just be for windows and drivers which I made to be 1Gb. However I find that this partition keeps filling up (I thought 1Gb would be more than enough) as programs keep putting stuff there and some programs install there by default and I can`t seem to stop them as they don`t give me the option of changing the install path. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening and should I have put some of Windows in the main partition?
I did it because I wanted to be able to reinstall windows or reformat that part of the drive without losing data. Now I`m wondering if it was such a good idea after all.
Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance :-)

  leo49 15:32 04 Sep 2003

What's your OS?

Some folk prefer to install their programs to a separate partition to Windows, but as the vast majority will make registry entries then a reinstall of Windows will also necessitate reinstalling those programs.

  CraftyKT 16:57 04 Sep 2003

is my OS. sorry,didn`t think to include it in the original message. I also forgot about the registry entries. However, reinstalling these programs won`t necessarily result in loss of data in my experience (limited as it is).

  leo49 17:11 04 Sep 2003

Don't misunderstand me,I'm a firm believer in partitioning[I've got 19 on my PC], merely pointing out that if the programs are separate from Windows then they will need to be reinstalled following a Windows reinstallation.

If you haven't relocated your swap file and Temp folders off the C partition nor slimmed down the standard 98 OS then I would certainly double the amount you've presently allocated.


  CraftyKT 18:25 04 Sep 2003

do I move them...... is it like moving anything else in Windows?
How do I slim down the OS, do I do that by moving other things off C drive or do I just not install so much of it?
I know I can alter stuff from the add and remove/windows setup is that the best way to go about it?
Sorry if these are daft questions, but partitions are pretty new to me.......still like the idea of them though :-)

  xania 20:14 04 Sep 2003

To be safe, I leave 2Mb for my 98SE partition, allowing for drivers, swap file, printer spool registry expansion and, of course, all those files that instllation programs automatically dump onto the C:\ drive as you install your programs wherever. To correct mtters now, you should have no trouble with partition manager and, while you're about it, why not create a separate partition to store your data - so much easier to do backups, and another to store a copy of your primary partition - much easier than having to re-install when things go wrong.


Do not attempt to move files yourself. You just don't know what trouble you create.

NB I've seen older versions of Partition Magic on Ebay going for less than £20 - you could find this a sound investment. Don't waste money on V8 - V7 is good enough for a 98 installation or even v6.

  CraftyKT 20:52 04 Sep 2003

did you mean 2Gb??? thanks for your suggestions. Will look at ebay (have had great buys from there already). I was feeling quite iffy about moving things about myself, so will definitely leave well alone until I get something to help me with it. Thanks again :-)

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