windows paint query

  joeltr 11:47 23 Sep 2003

my family bought me a new digital camera i took some shots with it, got them onto my pc,and i read about windows paint utility, when i put my pictures on it they are magnified quite a bit,is there a way to get all the image into view so i can work with it, thanks joel.

  alcudia 12:09 23 Sep 2003

I don't think so. The only zoom options are to increase size.

Paint is really quite useless though. No actually it's totally useless. You really need a proper image editor to go with your new camera. The cheapest in this category is Photoshop Elements, but I think that's a waste of time as well. The best of the cheaper options is Paint Shop Pro, which will cost you about £100. But worth every penny.

  MAJ 12:12 23 Sep 2003

Or use Irfanview, click here it's an excellent and FREE option.

  joeltr 12:13 23 Sep 2003

thanks alcudia, i will start dropping hints to nearest & dearest

  scotty 12:17 23 Sep 2003

Paint is not a good option for viewing photographs. Did any software come with the camera?

Alternatively, there is a great little program called IrfanView which you can download from elsewhere on this site ( click here )

  Taran 12:23 23 Sep 2003

Photoshop Elements is, in fact, a superb program.

It is very easy to use for a beginner, relatively inexpensive, capable of quite a lot of image manipulation and processing tasks and it won't utterly confuse you.

Panit Shop Pro is, of course, a serious step up the ladder, but it also is a far greater culture shock to newcomers to image editing.

If you have Microsoft Office or Works you might want to check out your installation and see if you can add or if you already have installed Microsoft Photo Editor. It is no competitor to Paint Shop pro, Photoshop Elements and so on, but it is far more capable than Windows Paint.

Unless you start getting into the more advanced features of any image editing software, it normally boils down to how you use it and what you want to get out of it.

Finally, you might want to check out the computer magazine cover disks for image editors. Hardly a month goes by where one or another magazine fails to include some pretty good image editing software. It might be a year or two old and several versions behind the latest product releases but it will still work, it will do all kinds of tricks for you and best of all, it will be free but for the cost of the magazine.

Oh, to zoom into images in Paint, just click on the magnifying glass icon then click on your image. Later versions of Paint have degrees of zoom, where you can select from one of several magnification options. Once you click the magnifying glass and zoom an image, if you want to return to its native size, click on the 1x . option in the little panel that appears below the icon controls in Paint. This is for Paint 5.1 that ships with Windows XP. if you have an older version, post again and one of us will try and help further.



  Belatucadrus 12:24 23 Sep 2003

Surprised the camera wasn't supplied with something, here are some other freeware options, all good :-

Photoplus5 click here

XNview click here

Dogwaffle click here

  joeltr 12:31 23 Sep 2003

thanks everyone, will download your suggestions now, my camera is a kodak dx 4330, it did have some software, but it doesnt seem to want to download properly,thanksagain, joel.

  alcudia 12:32 23 Sep 2003

I stick by my opinion. Elements, when compared to Paint Shop Pro is simply not worth considering. It lacks so many features that PSP takes for granted. I take your point that it may be ok for beginers, but most will soon grow out of it. It was simply an attempt by Adobe to pinch some of PSP's market. I got a copy with one of my scanners, installed it out of curiosity, uninstalled it and threw the disc away. I will stick with PSP and Photoshop. Nothing else is needed (except Irfan View of course)

  deadneat 12:48 23 Sep 2003

You will find PSP 5 on many PC mag coverdisks if you dont want to buy the latest.

  joeltr 12:55 23 Sep 2003

just downloaded irfanview, 3.8 looks really good, i will start to learn it now, will also look out for psp5, thanks again.

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