Windows OEM and OPK

  willo500 11:13 04 Oct 2007


I have just bought XP Home OEM and it says on the packet I need to install it using an OPK? I have no idea what this is and wonder if I really need to use this or whether that is just for people selling desktops.

Can anyone help please?



  Belatucadrus 11:30 04 Oct 2007

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I've never had to use one, so don't know how or if this would affect a single installation on a PC where you would retain the Windows CD.

  cycoze 11:31 04 Oct 2007

OPK - OEM Pre-Installation Kit.

Used by computer builders to customize machines, when consumer firsts starts the machine they go straight to the welcome screen, different parts of the OS can be seen to be customized, ie: builders logo.

A little more info click here

  Taff™ 11:32 04 Oct 2007

Similar Thread click here Don`t know if the answer was resolved - may be worth posting on it and asking the question.

  woodchip 11:34 04 Oct 2007

You do not need it.

Just use the OEM to set it up

  willo500 13:11 04 Oct 2007

Hi Woodchip

Can you (or anyone else) confirm that you can install the OEM software more than once if you need to? I don't want to buy this and then find I can't install it again if it goes wrong



  hssutton 14:32 04 Oct 2007

Recently my home build PCs motherboard failed. I fitted a new one + new memory and CPU, just retaining my original H/drive on which I'd installed Vista Ultimate OEM.

A phone call to Microsoft explaining that the MB had been replaced due to a failure resulted in it being re-activated without any problem.

  willo500 15:05 04 Oct 2007

Thanks hssutton. That clarifies it. I will install OEM this weekend


  woodchip 22:52 04 Oct 2007

I use Acronis to make a Image so that I do not need to use the discs no more. Image Contains Partition Information Operating System and all Software Files Photos etc at the Time I make the Image. All this can go back on my Compute in about 15 minutes. Without any activation etc. If I got any kind of trouble or a Virus it can be removed by reinstalling a Image. This will not Correct Hardware faults

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