windows not starting

  triflesterms 14:13 11 Mar 2005


Ive recently brought a hard drive thats installed with windows xp pro, but for some reason its not loading, i cant even load in safe mode, all i get is a blue screen that flashes for a split second then my pc reboots.
Hope someone can help.


  Technotiger 14:23 11 Mar 2005

Hi, could possibly be a loose or ill-fitted connection somewhere. I would suggest a thorough check throughout, especially ide connections both ends, and that cables are on correct way round.


  triflesterms 15:09 11 Mar 2005


Ive double checked all connections etc, though sometimes my monitor doesnt power up, any other ideas?


  Technotiger 15:12 11 Mar 2005

Is your monitor powered via pc or powered separately?

  triflesterms 16:01 11 Mar 2005

its powered through my pc

  Technotiger 16:05 11 Mar 2005

As I suspected - in that case I would suspect a possibly faulty PSU. I say this from recent personal experience.


  woodchip 16:09 11 Mar 2005

The Hard Drive is not configured for your Computer Drivers and MS Operating System is set for different computer

  Technotiger 16:14 11 Mar 2005

woodchip is probably correct - I didn't think of that right away, cos of my recent problem, which on the face of it was similar to yours. But woodchip is more - much more - expert than me.

Cheers :-0

  triflesterms 16:18 11 Mar 2005

not sure what psu, how do i configure?


  Technotiger 16:23 11 Mar 2005

PSU is the Power Supply Unit which runs the whole sheebang. But take note of woodchip's comment, there-in may lie the problem.

If it is the PSU, it is relatively easy and not terribly expensive to replace. I would suggest, if necessary, get at least a 400W power supply, but as always Bigger is Better.


  triflesterms 17:04 11 Mar 2005

ok, i want to configure first before trying the power supply unit, does anyone know how to configure the hd to my pc?


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