windows not genuine message

  willo500 21:42 11 May 2007

I keep getting a message that the version of Windows XP I am running is not genuine. I don't really know why, it was bought from Dell with the pc but Microsoft seem to be convinced it is phoney. They have asked me to go through quite a rigmarole typing various file names after the CMD prompt so that it tells me things are all right. Unfortunately, after doing this, things just stay the same and I get a reminder that my copy is "not genuine".

I don't know if this is Msoft or some hoax

I wish I had a mac!!


  malcolme 21:56 11 May 2007

Have you by any chance changed any parts in the PC.

  jarani 21:59 11 May 2007

Why don't you ring Dell and ask them about it ? - jarani

  billyliv 08:11 12 May 2007

Hi, If you can recieve updates and your firewall allows genuine advantage internet access, disable it. but only if you can receive updates. Otherwise as already stated contact Dell. Cheers, Bill

  PP321 08:38 12 May 2007

be very carefull and make sure its not phoney, like this

click here

Like jarani said, why dont you just phone them??

  willo500 19:38 12 May 2007

I will phone them on Monday and find out what is what. The message seems to have stopped now after I did the routine checking files again

  willo500 19:39 12 May 2007

It wasn't phoney in appearance and certainly didn't ask for credit card details or anything. I'm not sure what happened now but as I say it seems fine at the moment


  setecio 19:42 12 May 2007

PP321 interesting link. Even more confusing when that is exactly what MS are legitimately doing on their Office live products, asking for credit card details but not charging.

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